Hard Dance at Tomorrowland: here’s what to expect

Tomorrowland is back with another sensational edition, promising an unforgettable experience for EDM-lovers. Among the various stages and genres, the Hard Dance lineup stands out as a haven for fans seeking high-energy music. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the entire Hard Dance program while spotlighting three exceptional acts: Mandy, Da Tweekaz, and Sub Zero Project.

The Hard Dance stage at Tomorrowland boasts an impressive roster of artists who excel in delivering heart-pumping beats and infectious melodies. From the iconic Angerfist to the crowd-favorite Warface, the lineup promises non-stop energy throughout the weekend. Each artist brings their unique style, ensuring an eclectic mix of hard-hitting tracks and euphoric anthems. Brace yourself for a relentless auditory journey as these masters of the Hard Dance genre take the stage:

Acts to Watch Out For

While every artist on the Hard Dance lineup deserves recognition, we want to delve deeper into the performances of three standout acts: Mandy, Da Tweekaz, and Sub Zero Project. Let’s take a closer look at what makes them special.


Known for her exceptional stage presence and infectious energy, Mandy is a force to be reckoned with. With her powerful music and remarkable mixing skills, she captivates the crowd from start to finish. Mandy’s ability to seamlessly blend various subgenres of Hard Dance, such as raw and euphoric, creates a truly unique experience for her fans. Keep an eye out for Mandy’s performance, as she is sure to leave an indelible mark on Tomorrowland.


Da Tweekaz, the dynamic duo hailing from Norway, has gained a massive following with their signature blend of uplifting melodies and energetic performances. Their ability to infuse elements of pop music into Hard Dance has allowed them to reach a wide audience, creating a unique and accessible sound. Expect a euphoric atmosphere as Da Tweekaz take the stage, delivering their infectious tunes and captivating the crowd with their charismatic presence.


Renowned for their groundbreaking productions and performances, Sub Zero Project pushes the boundaries of the Hard Dance genre. With their distinct blend of raw and melodic elements, they create a sonic journey that resonates deeply with fans. Prepare to be mesmerized by their impeccable sound design and immersive visuals as Sub Zero Project showcases their unrivaled talent on Tomorrowland.

Full Hard Dance lineup

Angerfist, Bassbrain, Ben Nicky, Brennan Heart, Broken Minds, Coone, Cryex, D-Sturb, Da Tweekaz, Darren Styles, Demi Kanon, Detest vs. eDUB, Devin Wild, Dimitri K, DRS vs. Sandy Warez, Ender vs. Massive Disorder, Frequencerz, Hard Driver, Hysta, KELTEK, Killshot, LNY TNZ, Lunakorpz, Mad Dog, Mandy, Mark With a K & MC Chucky, MBK vs. NSD, MC Villain, Mish, Q-Dance Takeover, Ran-D, Rayzen, Rebelion & Vertile live, Rebelion, Refuzion, Remzcore, Sandy Warez vs. The Mind Destiny, Sefa, Sickmode, Sound Rush, Sub Zero Project, The Dark Horror, TNT, Unicorn on Keta, Warface.

The Hard Dance lineup at Tomorrowland promises an experience for all attendees. From the moment you step onto the dancefloor, you will be transported into a world of hard-hitting beats, euphoric melodies, and an atmosphere charged with excitement. Tomorrowland continues to raise the bar with its impeccable curation of artists, and this edition’s Hard Dance program is set to deliver an unforgettable journey for all lovers of the genre. Make sure to mark your calendars and prepare for an incredible weekend filled with unforgettable memories. For tickets & info, please visit their website.

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