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This months top 40 is here and there are a lot of great tracks in it. Once a month we take stock of which tracks have been downloaded the most that month. And also this month there are a lot of hot tracks released, and you guys downloaded a lot of them. Take a look at the top 40 of May 2021.

We have another new number 1 this month, and of course we all saw this one coming. The first track from the ‘Enter Your Mind’ album ‘D-Block & S-te-Fan – Believe’ has reached number 1 and we think it’s well deserved, what a record! More are sure to follow from that album as the first remix from the album, “Takin’ Off!” by DJ Isaac has also made it to a well-deserved spot at number #5. Want to read more about the ‘Enter Your Mind’ album? Read this

Further, the boys of Sub Zero Project have also done very well this month. They are in the top 3 twice, with their collab with Rebelion ‘Sinners Paradise’ and their new single release ‘A New Beginning’. So, a very promising top 40 this month, let’s take a quick look.

TOP 40

1. D-Block & S-te-Fan – Believe

2. Sub Zero Project – A New Beginning

3. Sub Zero Project & Rebelion – Sinners Paradise

4. Adaro & CrypsisLegs In The Air (Cryex Remix)

5. D-Block & S-te-Fan – Takin’ Off! (DJ Isaac Remix)

6. Ran-D & Kronos – Virtual Reality

7. Rebelion – Ghost Of Us

8. Aftershock – Inner Universe

9. Wildstylez & Hard Driver – Edge Of Darkness

10. D-Sturb – Partystarter

11. Rooler – LOVE U BABY

12. Regain – Rock Right Now

13. Rejecta – Never Give Up

14. So Juice – Lose Control

15. KELTEK & Devin Wild ft. Diandra Faye – Creature

16. Vertile – The New Normal

17. The Purge – Twilight Zone

18. Killshot – #AMMABEA$T

19. Atmozfears & Demi Kanon ft. David Spekter – Ghosts

20. Primeshock – Power Up

21. Audiotricz & Jay Reeve – Illuminate The Way

22. Sub Sonik & Demi Kanon ft. Alee – End Is Near

24. Digital Punk ft. Carola & Alee – Unbreakable

25. Clockartz – Delirium (Firelite Remix)

26. Zatox & Audiofreq – Future Bass

27. Serzo & Matzic – Set You Free

28. Warface – Divine Power

29. The Prophet – Creatures Of The Night

30. Rayzen – Never Give A F#ck

31. Act Of Rage & Digital Punk & Snowflake ft. Sefa – Till Sunrise (Sefa & Act of Rage Remix)

32. Svane – Reality

33. TNT x DJ Isaac – Rave Now

34. The Purge – Kicking The Bass (Adjuzt Remix)

35. KELTEK ft. Lindi Run – With The Restless

36. Sound Rush – Lifetime (Stormerz Remix)

37. Da Tweekaz & LNY TNZ – So Easy

38. Crypsis – The Mirror

39. Kenai – Extraction

40. B-Front & Deluzion Unfold Me

Congratulations to all the artists who made it to the list.


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