Yesterday, former Dutch State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy Mona Keijzer published the manifesto ‘Onverdeeld Open Nederland’, a movement against the Dutch COVID QR pass. Well-known organizations such as ID&T support the movement and call for signatures.

While the lockdown in The Netherlands just ended less than two weeks ago, a manifesto calling for further actions has been published yesterday by CDA politician Mona Keijzer. Almost 1 million people have signed the Manifesto for an Undivided Open Netherlands already.


At the moment, the 3G rule applies in the Netherlands, meaning that to enter a restaurant, event, movie theater, gym, or similar, a QR code has to be shown indicating proof of vaccination or recovery, or a negative test result. While a recent study by TU Delft, UMC Utrecht, Populytics, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, and Erasmus MC has shown that 1G (everyone has to be tested, regardless of vaccination status) is the most effective way to stop the spread of COVID-19, Keijzer calls for a total stop of the use of QR codes.

“A corona ticket that can only be obtained with a negative test (1G) eliminates the inequality between population groups and can lead to a modest decrease in virus spread. But it cannot happen that people eventually become infected, partly because of the limited sensitivity of the test. Moreover, this system is still based on the idea that proof of health may be a precondition for access to society. The social disadvantages of this system and the costs of the necessary infrastructure are disproportionate to the small reduction in virus spread it provides.”, Keijzer states.


Despite ID&T being committed to the COVID pass since the beginning of the pandemic and being heavily involved in the Field Labs studies, they now speak out against it. ID&T CEO Ritty van Straalen states: “It’s time to get back to life. We therefore call on the government to stop polarizing our society and to force us to make choices that we cannot and do not want to make. ID&T’s mission statement is Celebrate Life, celebrating life, and we like to do that together. In addition, one of the most important core values ​​of our events is ‘unity’, connecting people. We do that for everyone and we make no distinction in that.”

What do you think of that, did you sign the petition? Let us know in the comments 👇🏻

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