The organizations of Wish Outdoor and Intents Festival, who doesn’t know them? Both are known for organizing the hottest outdoor events in the hardstyle scene. During Intents Festival we received good news because these two organizations are joining forces for a brand new outdoor event: Elektrum Festival.

Elektrum Festival is a brand new addition to the world of harder styles events. The event will be open for two days and you will be able to come and see your favorite artists here in a venue that has never been seen before in the harder styles scene.

The first edition of Elektrum will take place at the Velder Woods, where previous events such as Jungle Festival and We Are Electric have been held. This location is enchanting because it is a huge forest where, during the period of the festival, it will start to get dark earlier, which will create a unique atmosphere at the location.

‘There is a place not far from here, hidden in plain sight. Here, daytime and nighttime are celebrated equally, in perfect balance. Daylight turns to dusk. And dusk turns into darkness. Only when The Transition is complete, will you experience something extraordinary in these woods.”


The event will take place on Saturday 8 October and Sunday 9 October. At Elektrum daytime and nighttime are celebrated equally. The adventure begins at 13:00, where daylight reigns until 18:00. At this moment the mystical golden hour commences, also known as ‘The Transition’. As soon as the transition is complete, the adventure continues in darkness from 19:00 to 01:00. Five hours of daylight, one hour of dusk, five hours of darkness.

Pre-registration for Elektrum Festival in Boxtel has already begun, so if you don’t want to miss it, register now for your chance to attend the kick-off of this brand new event.

Sign up now for an exclusive invitation to this grand new outdoor harder styles adventure.


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