As some of you may know, once a month we present a #ForgottenTracksFriday list, powered by Dedicated to Hardstyle. This list is compiled by the community, and now they proudly present their own #ForgottenTracks set at Rebirth Festival!

For several years #ForgottenTracksFriday has become the ultimate reminder for all the amazing music that has been made over the years. From the early years of record labels such as Scantraxx, A2 and Theracords or the upcoming of raw hardstyle by Radical Redemption and Warface so much good music has been released. The music you heard several years back is now forgotten and hardly played anymore. 

Luckily the hardstyle community has found it’s way to remind each other of all these amazing tracks. Dedicated to Hardstyle members initiated #ForgottenTracksFriday and now thousands of posts honor all the amazing music. To keep yourself reminded they also created a Spotify playlist, which, on shuffle, will give you that ultimate feeling of ‘’oh yeah, I totally forgot this one’.

“Now, with the opening of the events again we want to bring back to life all of these #ForgottenTracks. Give the crowd the ultimate reminder of everything we enjoyed so much for many years. Together with Jones we will wake up the Residence Camp of REBiRTH Festival with Jones presents #ForgottenTracks by DTH.”, DTH says.

Starting today they will co-create the tracklist together with the Dedicated to Hardstyle community. So if you want to hear some Forgotten Tracks, make sure to check in on the upcoming #FTFs and give your input based on year, sub-genre, and artists. Let’s create a 1,5 hour DJ set full of #ForgottenTracks! 


  • 18th of March: Most Forgotten Raw Hardstyle
  • 25th of March: Most Forgotten Euphoric Hardstyle
  • 1st of April: Most Forgotten Hardstyle Artists (Raw & Euphoric)


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