Polish raw artist Regain and Dutch MC Renegade just released their new solo track along with a stunning new videoclip recorded at an old train yard. The combination of these two might not come as a surprise as they had their history with the Regain live-acts ‘Point of No Return’ & ‘Out of Bounds’ with performances on immense stages worldwide. Despite being active together, their other projects got in the way of making a new track together since 2016 on Regain’s first album.

Regain talks about the burst in creativity he received in these last years and how he and Renegade decided to make this track together.

“Normally I would have bookings every week and flights all over the world, but one positive thing in this these last few years is that I had a lot more time. Many people don’t know that I also still live in Poland. It is my home country and that is where I feel at my best especially when I am in the studio. I definitely kept the releases going during this period and I had much more time to develop my style. But at one point I think we all reached this moment where we just wanted to reunite again.

During my whole career I always expressed my love to experiment and I am open to implement new sounds. You can hear this in my track ‘Oldschool’, my new hardcore track ‘Fuck it Up’ and also ‘Never Run Away’ with MC Renegade. I tried to blend the melody with some proper roughness and I think the result is what I hoped for. In the track we wanted to express our feelings in the lyrics and that message is clear.”

“There is a lot coming up!”

It seems that with this release Regain & MC Renegade were prepared for the moment that the scene could reunite again. Regain also spoke about his future plans.

“Currently I have a Gearbox release coming up with Mutilator and Fraw. It is an insane track that I premiered during a festival in Poland. I loved working with them and the result is very heavy. In secret I have also been with Udex. Our first track ‘Before it Kills Us’ went so well and the production was so surprising. Therefore we started a new track and you will hear more news about it soon. I also finished a production with an End of Line artist. I kept it under the radar, but it will premiere this Saturday at Supremacy. In November I will play on the mainstage of Rebellion together with Neroz. I am also preparing for that moment. So there is a lot coming up! ”

There is no doubt that Regain has huge plans for the future. Let’s keep an eye on this Polish mastermind!

Regain & Renegade – Never Run Away is now available for download at!

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