After Scantraxx organized a livestream for their main-label artists, it is now time for the artists of Scantraxx Silver and Scantraxx Carbon. Saturday, June 19, it’s time for these artists to showcase themselves in a live set. It is time for, Scantraxx: The Next Generation.

During corona time, it is made difficult for artists to perform live and there is zero interaction with audiences. Scantraxx has set up a livestream to still give the signed artists a stage. This stream gives them the opportunity to showcase themselves and present any new music. Silver, of course, is known for its melodic euphoric sound. Carbon is known for its harder and more dark sounds. A nice combination of both in a livestream, this makes it super interesting to watch. We were curious about how they experienced this day. So, we spoke to the boys of Silver and Carbon about the stream.


Finally being able to perform again, that’s what the boys had really missed. It felt wonderful. Of course, you have to get used to it but eventually, you are back in your own world and you feel like a DJ again, says Phyric. Level One is also enthusiastic: when Scantraxx came up with the suggestion, I immediately had the feeling that this was going to be a super cool project. For Insurge the Scantraxx stream was a relief. After a lot of dj’ing at home in front of a boring wall, it felt so great to be behind the decks again.

Spectre also felt right at home, you notice that as soon as you stand behind the decks that old familiar feeling is back. Especially when the sound is nice and loud you’re finally able to do your thing again! Is can’t wait for the first bookings to start. For Rogue Zero, agrees with his DJ colleagues: this is actually the most fun thing there is. Fortunately, I had not forgotten how to do it, haha, it felt really familiar again. It is also something I can and want to do for hours. Some of them were even a bit nervous: that healthy excitement you feel when driving to a booking is something I missed a lot, says Scabtik.

For the artists, it was also great to meet their colleagues and see them perform again. Seeing fellow DJs after such a long period is always nice of course, that was a really long time ago! Says Retrospect enthusiastically. Rogue Zero also enjoyed seeing his colleagues again. Luckily they still keep in touch via Whatsapp and by calling each other. It was also nice to see my colleagues again. Of course, we have contact via Whatsapp/call but meeting in real life is way more fun. Envine missed his colleagues very much: seeing colleagues and fans is one of the things I missed the most during the corona period. Normally you used to see each other on a regular base, and this always brought a lot of fun and creativity. It was good to be back!


The artists were also definitely charmed by the organization of the stream. Retrospect about the organization: I must say I was quite impressed by how the stream was organized with the visuals and the sound. It felt like the real deal and that is fantastic, just banging behind the decks again.


The guys have quite a bit of new music in store for us, here’s what Deluzion has to say about that: we are sure that this set does have some nice surprises. New edits but more importantly new tracks. Phyric wants to show us the power of the melody, I belong to the group of Scantraxx Silver where you can expect a lot of melodies, my songs are often with a raw edge to show the power of a melody.

Nightcraft likes to keep the set close to himself, tracks from other artists can also be found on other platforms as he says. My set will consist entirely of my own tracks. For such a livestream, I think that has added value. Tracks from other artists can also be found on other platforms. I want people to actually see and hear something that’s mine when they watch me. BENGR plans to play his new releases, as he has never been able to play them live. But he also has some new tracks to showcase: 5 new tracks and some new bootlegs/remixes that I’m also very happy to finally be able to play.


What we want to express in all our sets is energy and above all; fun. We want to keep surprising with new things and we have certainly succeeded in that. Just watch us! say the boys from Deluzion. Spectre wanted to do it his own way, hard and energetic: during my set I always want to radiate energy and fun. I’m convinced that if I, as a DJ, enjoy my set I can bring that vibe to the audience. In the end that’s what people come for. To go crazy on a nice hard set. That’s how I would describe my set. Hard, energetic but in my own way.

I always try to drag the audience, listeners and viewers into an energetic atmosphere as much as possible during my performance and livestreams, says Crossfight. The right dose of hard, solid, rough kicks, fierce screeches and compelling melodies. Refreshing sounds and a lot of drive, that’s what you can expect during my set. Envine wants to show us passion and energy: most of all, I want to convey my passion and energy to the listener. Envine really stands for emotion, melodies and positivity. I always find it extremely cool to give everything I have.


I’ve been working quite a bit of overtime leading up to this event, says Scabtik. So we can expect some new music from him, he made a remix for Xense, 2 new solo tracks, and he has made 2 live edits to surprise the listeners. Also, Envine has some new tracks in store for us: this livestream was an opportunity for me to showcase what I’ve been working hard on for the past year. After a long time of silence, Spectre thinks it’s important to show the public that he hasn’t sat still. We can expect a lot of new music from him: a collab with Bright Visions, Rude Convict, Crossfight and Resolute, and 2 more new solo tracks, and an edit.

Phyric won’t let us down either: I collaborated with Alee, that track turned out really sick. Furthermore, I will be spinning a new track with Spitfire the new talent of Minus is More, a collab with Divinez, and a track with the talented singer Nádia, and of course; a few solos. Also Level One will surprise us with a lot of new music. When the date of the stream was announced, he immediately went into the studio. He made some live edits such as ‘Temple of Never Hesitate’ and ‘Brink Of Xtinction’ Live Edit. Also, the new solo tracks couldn’t be missed. ‘The Change together’ with Niene Manon and MC Prime and ‘Unchain Humanity’ together with MC Raise will be heard here. That is a lot of new music, we are very curious!


First of all, what an honor. You can expect a lot of new music from me. Big solo-tracks, but also collabs. I also like to give the nostalgia of classics a new/raw edge, so I will definitely keep releasing bootlegs and/or remixes. Hopefully I’ll keep this up and I’ll be spinning at the Blue before I’m 40, says BENGR hopefully. Rogue Zero also has big future plans: actually, a lot. I am working behind the scenes on a larger concept. Something I’ve had in my head for over a year and am now working it out. He is grateful for all the support. He is also convinced that it is important to support eachother: it shows how dedicated our scene is. I am proud to be part of it.

Insurge is a bit secretive when we ask what his plans for the future are: there are definitely some big events in the pipeline but unfortunately I can’t say too much about them. We are curious to find out what he has in store for us! The future of Crossfight will be all about music and events: I want to release a lot of music and hopefully be back at indoor events and festivals soon to show off our new hits. The guys from Deluzion also have big plans for the future: we definitely have biggest plans, behind the scenes we are working on great next steps for us as Deluzion.








Level One





Rogue Zero



Tune in on Saturday, June 19 2021 at 2PM CEST for Scantraxx: The Next Generation.

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Can’t make it to the live stream? Not to worry, Scantraxx will be posting the sets on their YouTube channel over the next few weeks!

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