That 2021 was an eventful year, is one thing that is certain. Over the past year, the boys from Sound Rush (Jeroen & Martijn Boeren) managed to please their fans several times with various livestreams. Today they announced that they have also recorded a livestream for the beginning of 2022, with lots of new music and a sick location as big as 30 soccer fields! I spoke to the twins about the past year, the livestream, and their plans for 2022.


Since 2021 was an eventful year, I wondered how the boys are really doing at the moment. “Thanks guys, we’re doing fine… To be honest, the news that Qlimax got canceled really hit us. We spent 3 months in the studio non-stop to make something epic and then 4 or 5 days before the event it got canceled”.

For their set at Qlimax, the twins made around 5 new tracks and lots of edits. At the moment they’re still playing some edits, but they’re still keeping the new tracks a secret for later in 2022. “After Qlimax we took some weeks off from the studio to clear our minds but right now we’re fully focussed again. 2022, here we come!”.   


The end of 2021 is in sight, so I asked Jeroen and Martijn about their personal highlights from the past year. “The livestreams we did. We felt very good about it. This was our way to be creative. Another highlight was definitely our own Brothers show in 013 Tilburg. And of course, we did another Camper Tour which was even more epic than last year”. 

In these crazy times, the twins are trying to keep themselves busy with new projects. “In the past few weeks, we spent a lot of hours on the new ‘Welcome to 2022’ livestream”. In this livestream, we can expect a lot of new music. Also, this livestream was shot at a special location which makes the livestream even more exciting.

“You will definitely love it. A special shout-out to our team for making this possible with us”.

“With the livestream ‘Welcome to 2022’ we want to show you the tracks we are releasing in 2022. Unfortunately, we couldn’t play every new track in this stream, so maybe there is room for another livestream at an epic location somewhere in Europe? We’ll see!


Sound Rush wants to give their unreleased tracks some extra attention, the fans need to know what’s coming for them in 2022. “Some of you already heard a few new tracks like Mantra, but we also made a collab with Zatox which is brand new and not even finished yet. We are also going to play some Qlimax edits we made like Break My Fall & One Of Us”. 

When I asked them about the location of the stream, they remain mysterious: “We can’t name the location because it’s an urbex location. The number 1 rule is not to name the location. The only thing we can tell is that it’s recorded at an industrial location somewhere in Europe. This location is as big as 30 soccer fields!”.

I was also curious about why their fans can’t miss out on this livestream. “New unreleased music guys! With updated sounds and kicks. Not too hard and not too soft, something in-between. And this location is BEYOND EPIC”. 


Since the Sound Rush boys are staying super busy, I wondered if they could tell me more about their grand plans for 2022. “We’re working on our USA visa which looks good at the moment. Because of that, we’re planning to do 4 big shows in the US. We’re also in chat about doing another Australia tour”. 

“Besides that, we are working on a big summer anthem. Other than that, we can’t wait to play in Europe very soon. We already have a lot of club/festival shows on the schedule, but being healthy always comes first, we will see what happens”.

Good to hear that in these crazy times, the twins are still focusing on positive things and continue to make sure that their music continues to be presented to their fans. I am extremely curious about the livestream and all the new music they are going to showcase during this livestream. The stream will definitely be worth watching, so go check it out!

The livestream will take place January 2 at 20:00 CEST on their YouTube channel.

Photo credit: Wanyama Photo

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