TESFY on their newest track Bailando & future plans

We had the opportunity to sit down with TESFY, a dynamic duo hailing from Germany, known for their energetic performances and love for making the crowd go wild with their harder styles sounds. In this interview, they shared their insights on their latest track, “Bailando,” and their creative process and upcoming projects.

“We are a DJ and producer duo and 2 funny dudes from Germany, jumping around on festival stages and love to make the crowd go nuts with our harder styles sounds. For us, it is about the connection with the audience, the music, and everybody having an insane time,” they introduced themselves with contagious enthusiasm.

Their new track, “Bailando,” was released this week, and they were thrilled to share more about it. Reflecting on its creation, they recounted, “Last year before the festival season, we were sitting in the studio at about 40 degrees, mastering our last solo release, ‘Beautiful Liar.’ We were thinking about what cool summer track no one had remixed yet, something that would resonate well with the festival season. We clicked through Spotify for a bit and shortly after came up with the idea for ‘Bailando.’”

Bailando is out now!

Initially, they had some reservations as the track wasn’t in German or English. However, they decided to embrace something different and test it out live. “The first test at Parookaville was directly a full success. The crowd screamed the chorus at the top of their lungs and went completely crazy. It was immediately clear to us that the song would be a part of our sets from now on and that we had to release it officially,” they shared excitedly.

“Bailando” is a rework of the original track, which TESFY collaborated on with LOONA & DJ SAMMY. Shedding light on the approach they took to transform the song into a Hardstyle version, they explained, “Since the track was already at about 135 BPM, it had a good tempo that was very inviting to do a Hardstyle version. It was important to us to include the drums from the original because they have an incredible summer vibe. The melody we tried to make as interesting as possible, fast, driving, and not so cheesy. Futhermore we wanted to stay as close as possible to the original without losing the essence of euphoric Hardstyle”

„the first ever official Hardstyle rework of Bailando, 25 years after first release“

A strong focus on their musical output

With a strong focus on their musical output this year, TESFY shared some insights into what we can expect from them in the near future. “We already had two releases this year, and we will focus on the ‘Bailando’ rework for the next few weeks. In August, we have set up our next release, ‘Creatures of the Night,’ for which we shot some insane footage as a community project at the MAYDAY back in April. We are super excited to present this to the world as well. We also have some other collaboration projects lined up for this year, but we can’t say more about them at the moment,” they revealed.

For more updates and information, please check out TESFY Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & Spotify.

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