Dion Mons & Joshua Dutrieux aka Devin Wild & JDX. Two completely different hardstyle artists with 1 common trait: they are both full of creativity. Yesterday, they released their first collab and I wondered what the creative process looked like when they created ‘Scream Louder’. In this article, the guys are opening up about their new collab, what it’s like to have their studio in the same building & their friendship that arose from making music.

Both have their studios located at the Scantraxx office, this is also where they first met. “I moved my studio to the Scantraxx studio’s around October 2020 and that’s where I met Dion for the first time. We had a click from day one and him being next to me with his studio inspired each other to work more together” says JDX.

The idea of Scream Louder came about because Devin Wild showed JDX an unused vocal. JDX immediately felt he could make something epic out of this. “One day Dion came in the studio and said: I still have this vocal laying around here for a year, maybe u can do something with it. When I heard it I was like, hmm I feel something epic with this. So I started my orchestral template and start composing the vibe around the vocal.”

“Ok, I like this. Maybe we should work on it together

The idea to make it a collab was born after JDX showed the first version of the track says Devin Wild. “After I heard the first draft I was like: “ok, I like this. Maybe we should work on it together”. Actually that day we started talking a bit more about life and the music industry as well as myself being an artist and the direction I want to go.” So in addition to having common ground about making music, they also have really deep conversations with each other.

As such, their deep conversation is really part of the creative process behind Scream Louder according to JDX. “Yes, a very deep conversation resulted in a studio session where we started playing around with the chords for the melody and structure of the track. I honestly believe having that deep conversation made us create this piece with the emotions and passion we had that day.

MAN, that feeling was so epic. We were still so hyped afterwards

So, a Devin Wild & JDX collab it is. How cool would it be to play it for the first time at Defqon.1? So, this is what they did! “I had my 30mins set already planned to do for the recording days of DQ.1 but we decided to do a special guest appearance with JDX and perform Scream Louder as the last track of my set.” Says Devin Wild.

JDX was a little skeptical at first about performing at Defqon.1 at Home, but in the end, he loved it. “At first, I didn’t wanna do it. I’m always Mr “NO…haha.” But Matthijs (manager Devin Wild) convinced me to do it for the better of the track and the opportunity to perform it at Defqon.1 at Home. So, last-minute I rented a bass drum, got some synths with me and we just did it. After the 4 mins 1 take performance I think we both had like: “DAMN F** AMAZING”. Devin Wild was also super hyped after the performance: “MAN, that feeling was so epic. We were still so hyped afterwards.”

After their performance at Defqon.1 at Home, they received a lot of positive reactions. “The responses were unbelievably positive. Really happy with that.” Says Devin Wild. but according to JDX, this really came as a surprise. “Just amazing, and also ’cause it was so unexpected.

“He is kinda my little peanut Indo brother”

Ever since the boys have their studios in the same building, a true friendship has developed. When I ask, “can we say that you have built a friendship out of making music together?” they both say a resounding YES! and JDX adds; “he is kinda my little peanut Indo brother hahaha.”

The boys are both of Indonesian descent. So the funniest moment for JDX was when Devin Wild had cooked Indonesian food for him: “me being such a Belanda eating more dutchie style potatoes, veggies and meat haha.Devin Wild found this moment truly hilarious. “So funny, he is looking more Indonesian than me ‘Ome Lonny’ the fact that I made him eat noodles and nasi goreng again is just hilarious haha.

Devin Wild & JDX – Scream Louder (ft. ANVY) (Official Videoclip)

The track is now available for download at so make sure you don’t miss out on this BANGER of a collab. Oh, and don’t forget to SCREAM LOUDER!💚


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Very interisting!

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