A month ago, Clockartz already joined the team of I AM HARDSTYLE. And now, Thyron is also leaving his label (Gearbox Digital) and joins team I AM HARDSTYLE. Brennan Heart is very excited about the new teammate on his own label. And Thyron is very proud, he even wants to go in a new direction with his music, we are very curious!

“Thyron is announced to be the newest member of Brennan Heart’s ‘I Am Hardstyle’ family. With his unique vision on the Hardstyle sound and his burning passion to connect with people through his music, it is safe to say the future of Thyron is looking brighter than ever.”

Thyron is very proud and enthusiastic about the fact that he has joined forces with team I AM HARDSTYLE. We think that makes perfect sense, as this is obviously a very big step in his career. “I’m so incredibly proud & excited to tell you that I’m officially a part of I AM HARDSTYLE! I’m super grateful for the faith Brennan Heart and the IAH team have shown in me, it still feels surreal. I can’t wait to make some amazing things happen together!”

The young hardstyle-producer is not only making a new step in his career by switching labels, but he will also be changing his music style. We expect to hear more mainstream music from him, more music in the I AM HARDSTYLE alley. Of course, we are used to hearing a lot of tempo in his tracks, perhaps it will be a combination of hard kicks and melodies. We are very curious about that.

The team of I AM HARDSTYLE is very happy with their new addition and thinks he is a real talent. “We are proud to welcome the super talented Thyron to our family!”. His first track will be called ‘Thyron – When Angels Cry’. It will be released this Thursday so, we are looking forward to it! Keep up the good work Thyron, we wish you the best of luck with team I AM HARDSTYLE.

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