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Timmy Trumpet: “Hardstyle is the most underrated genre”

Timmy Trumpet is one of the biggest artists out there, but despite his background as a classically/jazz musician, he loves to play hardstyle at the biggest stages all over the world. We sat down with the Australian EDM superstar at Electric Love Festival to talk about his admiration for the genre: “Hardstyle is the future.”

Known for his energetic performances, Timmy Trumpet has quite a few hardstyle tracks in his repertoire. Don’t let the trumpet fool you, because Mr. SINPHONY even has three huge collabs with Sub Zero Project (including ‘Soft Ass Shit’) under his belt. His love for hardstyle goes deep.

“There something about hardstyle that hits you”, says Timmy Trumpet right before his performance at the mainstage of Electric Love Festival in Austria last weekend. “It blew my mind when I heard hardstyle for the first time and I became obsessed. I think you guys are the future: the energy that it creates in the crowd is just immeasurable.”

Timmy Trumpet sees hardstyle as the future: “I really love it”

In front of thousands of visitors at the 10th anniversary of ELF, Timmy Trumpet played yet another set of a unique combination between EDM, the trumpet and hardstyle. “I think it’s the most underrated genre of music that there is. Even though I may not be part of the hardstyle scene, I’ll continue play it because I love it.” Check out our complete interview down below.

Cover image taken by Electric Love Festival / Nick Rainer

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