Ihor aka Unresolved, this raw-hardstyle legend has been around for a while. Besides numerous hits and running his own label RSLVD Records, it was time for Ihor to bring something fresh. He wants to bring the audience something special, so he proudly presents his brand-new: Red Blood live act. We spoke to him about this act, new collabs, edits, and even a special remix of his popular old tracks.

After being in the scene for almost 10 years, Ihor wanted to bring something new. “I didn’t want it to be just a normal: Unresolved live act, I wanted to do something special and unique. That’s why for the last 2 years and a half I was busy with ideas on how to make my new show unique and exclusive”.

The idea behind Red Blood is to give to the people the Unresolved Vibe from 2015/2016 but then with fresh sounds and elements. “Expect a lot of edits of older tracks, new tracks, my most popular tracks & new collabs. Besides that there will also be special visuals & a custom outfit”.

‘Red Blood as a track reflects perfectly the vibe I want to give to the people with my live act’

His newest track Red Blood has just been released, the sound of this track is definitely the direction Ihor would like to express with the act. “It fits perfectly the vibe I want to give to the people with my live act. It’s a bit like going back in time to the old Unresolved, but with fresh kicks and screeches. You can definitely expect more Red Blood vibe tracks this year!”

The difference between the regular Unresolved and the new live act is that with the regular Unresolved act, he plays more melodic drops & oriented tracks at the beginning of his set. “More with feelings, and then going harder and harder. With Red Blood, I’m going full force for the whole 30min with some uptempo ending! (a bit like back in the days)”.

Ihor will premier RED BLOOD at Intents Festival, and we can expect a LOT from that. “I’m gonna drop my 2nd collab with Bloodlust called: Lonely. Further than that, I’m going to premiere some new collabs with: Aversion, Soublast & Project Core. But that is not all: I will play around 11 RED Blood Edits & an exclusive remix of one of my popular tracks from back in the days”.

The RED BLOOD show at Intents Festival will be a very exclusive one-time experience. “I was supposed to play as Red Blood Live at the mainstage of Fatality Outdoor, but unfortunately the event will not take place. So, if you guys like the act: you gotta spam those promoters haha, cause I will keep all the edits only for my Red Blood act!”

Besides the Red Blood act, Ihor is also busy with other projects.
“I’m working on different collabs & projects, which I can’t reveal at the moment. What I can say is: you can’t miss the first Red Blood live act at Intents, it’s a must! It’s gonna be a unique experience each time I’m gonna perform as Red Blood LIVE”.

Download Red Blood here🔥

Photo credits: Unresolved


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