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Musical Madness wrecked Bootshaus Cologne once again last Friday when they invited Headhunterz & Wildstylez. The sold-out event sure was a night to remember with a sick line-up and all three areas open. I traveled to Cologne to visit the show and to interview some artists, so keep on reading to find out all about the event, brand new music, and the future plans of Art of Creation.

When clubs in The Netherlands close, Bootshaus opens its doors. From midnight until 6 am, we were treated to the best music at the best club in Germany during Musical Madness invites Headhunterz & Wildstylez last Friday. The two legends, of course, didn’t come alone but brought a banging support line-up. Aftershock, Sephyx, Last of Us, JGSW & A-Rize were there to represent Art of Creation. Even the latest AoC Eternity fam member Final Day made a brief guest appearance, but more about that later. The Rawstyle lovers also didn’t come too short with Sub Sonik, Riot Shift, Radianze & K96 rocking the second stage. Villain hosted the main stage and MC Livid the Raw stage.

German DJ Amentis closed down the main stage with full energy at 5 am. He has a special connection with the organizers, he said. “Musical Madness were the first ones who believed in me. They gave me the chance to play my first gig as Amentis, and it really took off from there.” He is a familiar face at Madness parties and has played at their events a bunch already. “I’m playing at Bootshaus for like the 12th time. Musical Madness is really like a family to me. Everyone is close friends.”


For others, it was their first time playing at Bootshaus and for JGSW, it was even his first international booking ever! “I remember being in the car with A-Rize and two friends and thinking to myself: Wow, I would have never been here if it wasn’t for making music. It’s so easy to overlook these little details, but they make all the difference. I’m really thankful I’ve had the pleasure of playing in Bootsaus. The crowd was amazing, and I would love to play there again.”

A-Rize was amazed by the German crowd and the hospitality of the promoters: “It was really, really cool. This was also my first time opening at a stage, so at first, I was more nervous than normal. Luckily after 15-20 minutes, the dancefloor was full and the German family was singing along with the tunes! What I really appreciated was the hospitality of both organizations. Both Musical Madness and the employees of Bootshaus were really friendly and gave us a very warm welcome. I also told them this. Had a good long talk with one of the heads of Musical Madness and many others. It was also really great seeing a lot of people of the AOC family together again, that’s always a pleasure.”

For Last of Us it was the first time playing in Germany too. “This club is insane! They have all these areas, and everybody is taking care of us.” Mischa said. Mark added: “This is 3, 4, 5 times bigger than any club in The Netherlands, we don’t have anything like this. There are some clubs that try to be like this, but not for Hardstyle.”

Bootshaus is indeed a unique club. In 2019, DJ Mag voted the club as #8 in the world and the best in Germany, and I absolutely understand why. The sound system and especially the lights and special effects are comparable with top clubs in Ibiza – and that for slightly less money 😉.

Another thing that makes Bootshaus so special is that the DJ is very close to the crowd. “The atmosphere here is super intimate, it feels like you’re really connecting with the crowd. It’s a lot of fun to play here because you can literally touch the crowd while you’re playing. You can feel their energy because you’re so close to them!” Amentis said. [Pre-save Amentis’ upcoming single First Attack HERE]

One special guest joined the party on Friday: the newest AoC Eternity member Final Day. None other than label boss Headhunterz invited him on stage during his set. “It’s a huge honor. The fact that he invited me on stage means he believes in what I do, and I am very happy with the support he and the other AOC artists show me!” Final Day immediately feels at home at his new label. “It feels amazing, it is all I hoped it would be. It truly feels like a family and I am happy to be part of that.”


I also heard a bunch of new music on Friday so get ready for huge releases coming up soon! A-Rize even played three new tracks: “One of them is getting released very soon so stay tuned.  The funny thing about one of them is that it gave the first ‘’ooh’’ crowd response on a mid intro of myself. I played it twice and got the exact same response, so I am looking forward to releasing that one too!”

The other Eternity guys also had new music in store. “We are opening with our new intro, and we will play Hiding In The Dark, so that will be great!” Last of Us told me. Also JGSW gave us a sneak peek of brand new music: “I played one track which is going to be released in the near future, and another one which I’m still working on. Both were received really well, so I’m really happy about that.”

When it comes to their future, the Eternity guys remain rather secretive. “You can expect new music that pierces straight through your soul. I am also planning to do things as an artist that have never been done before, but what that will be will stay a mystery for now.” Final Day said.

Also Mark from Last of Us keeps their future plans to himself: “We do have plans for the future, but we want to keep them secret.” Mischa opened up a bit more: “Next year is going to be awesome! We have some plans for the future, and we got the theme – Last of Us. We’re going to tell the story about how Last of Us came together and about our background. We have a history with the superhero theme, but that’s all that we’re going to say about it – we’re the Last of Us.”

JGSW told me that he wants to improve his music even more: “The tracks I have released so far have been focused more towards listening and less towards partying. I want to bring some balance to that and make some dancefloor killers. Other than that, I want to keep developing my sound and improve as best I can, both on stage and in the studio.”

For A-Rize it’s all about music and sick collabs. “You can expect a LOT of new music, collabs with Noisecontrollers and Atmozfears, and a great time on every dancefloor, I will make sure of that!”


We can also expect great things from AoC Eternity in the future. “You can expect a lot of big things. The talents that are signed, … I actually don’t want to call them talents, the artists that are signed, the level is so high, and we want to create a future together.” Mark told me loud and proud. “We’re not talents; we’re the new generation,” Mischa added.

Final Day also trusts that the future for AoC Eternity will be bright: “We will guide the way into a new generation of Hardstyle. Every single one of the AoC Eternity artists is extremely talented so you can expect a lot of great music & maybe even a big collaboration someday.”

A-Rize mentioned that big Eternity collab as well, so is that something we can expect? We sure hope so! “We are literally thinking of doing an Eternity collab with the five of us all together. I have been in the studio with two other guys and that was chaos, imagine 5 in one room haha.” He added that we can expect the bunch to do more things together as a group in general. “Back-to-back sets, collabs between artists, etc. Me and Last of Us have a collab basically done, just needs a bit of polishing since it’s almost one year old already and we have improved a lot in that time span.”

I seriously can’t wait to see what the next generation has in store and I also can’t wait for the next Madness party! I can recommend every Hardstyle lover to put a Musical Madness event very high on their to-do list. Make sure to check out their website for upcoming events & more information.

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