Zatox returns at Scantraxx: Italian Hardstyle is back

Times are changing, and old forces unite again to pave a path to the future. Zatox (Gerardo Roschini) is proud to present the return of a legendary label in the Scantraxx universe – Italian Hardstyle is back. We sat down with him to talk about his big switch back to Scantraxx, what we can expect from the label, and many more.

The Italian Maestro Zatox is a name that is synonymous with the legendary legacy of the Harder Styles. His unique style, modern yet with signature classic Italian Hardstyle power, will be fully represented in the label. A new chapter with new music awaits. A new musical adventures is ahead.

Born in 2010, Italian Hardstyle was initially formed as a collaboration between Zatox and Scantraxx. Hosting classic releases such as the Creation EP, the original Raw Style EP, which gave birth to the genre we know today as Raw, and even a Decibel anthem, Italian Hardstyle left a deep mark on the scene and it was undoubtedly missed when it departed.

The first release, Drop The Bomb, will see the light of day on the 1st of December. Zatox will present an exclusive showcase of his upcoming new music and label on the 3rd of December at the 20 Years of Scantraxx event.


Gerardo feels very excited about starting his own label. ‘Italian Hardstyle is in my blood. Of course the label dates back to over a decade ago, a time when the genre was evolving and expanding like crazy, and so was I as a producer and artist. I want to bring back that sense of innovation’.

But how did this huge switch back to Scantraxx happen? Throughout the years Dov and Gerardo stayed in touch and discussed plans for bringing back Italian Hardstyle on several occasions, but somehow they never got to it says the Italian legend. ‘This year, after the whole Covid chaos, Dov and Jorik came to Rome to visit me and this accelerated everything’. 

We are all thrilled to get started with rebranding the label and bring it up to speed.

His choice to return to Scantraxx really feels like coming home to Zatox. ‘We started as absolute pioneers, making groundbreaking, state-of-the-art new hardstyle tracks. We even introduced the term Raw Style to the scene. Over the past years I lost a part of my roots and felt like being locked in a cage, not living up to my full potential. Results of the past are no guarantee for the future, but I sincerely hope that my intuition is right and that going back to Scantraxx is actually not going back but going forward’.

Eventually Italian Hardstyle should become a home for other talented Italian Hardstyle producers ready to take over

The future for the new Italian Hardstyle is unknown territory, but Italians have a history of making things that stand the test of time. The new Italian Hardstyle label will be knee deep in cutting edge Hardstyle from Italian producers. ‘Initially, it will be a platform dedicated to me and my music. I love experimenting with sound and keep going forward. Having a great team that supports me means the world to me, but I hope it becomes more than that. Eventually Italian Hardstyle should become a home for other talented Italian Hardstyle producers ready to take over’.

There will be a difference with the new label and Italian back in the day. Times have changed and so has his music. It sure won’t be a thing of returning his own classics. ‘In many ways it will be different but what I want to stay the same is the fact that Italians set the trend. That’s what we do in fashion, in design and in Hardstyle music too. With the new label we will put more focus on reaching out to Italian hardstyle fans and speak to them in their own language. It would be amazing if we could make the scene in Italy grow bigger and stronger’.

Sound-wise, we can expect the familiar Zatox sound he also wants to experiment. ‘I’m not big on looking back, I’m always moving ahead and for me it’s hard to pinpoint what other people might consider the familiar Zatox sound. My life and my sound are an ongoing journey and even though we get to new places our footprints look the same. I just love experimenting and I am convinced that it won’t affect my signature sound. Life is one big experiment and so should be our music’.

Zatox’s first release will be out next week, which you can already pre-save. We wish Zatox a lot of luck with this big move in his career.



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