Aversion on earning the #1 spot in the Top 40: “Without you guys, this would’ve never been possible!”

The Hardstyle scene is buzzing as Aversion’s track “Activation” secures the prestigious number one spot on the official Hardstyle top 40 charts for the month of June. This milestone achievement has left the artist overwhelmed. In this interview, Aversion expressed his gratitude, saying, “Thank you so much! It’s honestly so unreal to have finally reached that glorious #1 spot!”

The success of “Activation” can be attributed to the tremendous support it received from both fellow Hardstyle DJs and fans. Aversion acknowledges the crucial role played by his fans and peers, and he humbly conveys his heartfelt appreciation, stating, “I am eternally grateful for everyone’s support; without you guys, this would’ve never been possible!”

The track “Activation” has already made a huge impact on the Hardstyle scene, setting itself apart from others in the genre. Aversion attributes this to its dance floor-oriented essence, combined with some innovative sound design and heavy-hitting kick drums. He believes that the key to a successful Hardstyle track lies in finding “the perfect formula to go crazy to at a party,” and the overwhelming response from fans and fellow artists validates his approach. Aversion adds, “People seem to agree! I think authenticity is one of the main factors with most recent hits!”

Hardstyle has to keep evolving to stay fresh

Aversion also shared his thoughts on the current state of the Hardstyle scene and its evolution in recent times. As a passionate advocate for the genre, he is excited about the fresh and new additions to the Hardstyle sound. According to him, for Hardstyle to stay vibrant and relevant, it must continue to evolve. Aversion embraces this evolution and hopes to contribute to shaping the future of Hardstyle. He remarks, “Personally, I am a big fan of most new additions to our sound! Hardstyle has to keep evolving to stay fresh, and I hope I can contribute to its evolution.”

Fans of Aversion have a lot to look forward to in 2023, as he promises an array of exciting projects and releases. With many new collaborations and mind-blowing shows on the horizon, Aversion is set to make an impact on the Hardstyle scene. He teases, “There is honestly so much dope stuff coming up, a tonne of new releases/collabs, insane shows, and I have the opportunity to create something amazing later this year, but more on that later.”

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