Mischa and Mark, aka Break of Dawn these days. At the beginning of this year, we went looking for a new artist name together with the boys, which turned out very well. Today, they’ll release their brand new track ‘The Break Of Dawn’. We sat down with them about this new release and about the new path they want to take with their career as Break of Dawn.

The boys are actually doing pretty well these days. “As Defqon.1 is upon us, we’re preparing ourselves for our debut at the Purple stage, with lots of new music, bootlegs, and edits coming up which we will premiere during our set”


A few months ago, Last of Us (now Break of Dawn) started the search for a new name together with us, which turned out really well. Mark and Mischa are completely happy with the name. “Last of who? Just kidding. We’re extremely happy with the name. It was the start of a new chapter, leaving behind our previous name with unforgettable experiences already. We looking forward to a bright future with our current alias. Now hope that there isn’t a game laying around somewhere that’s called Break of Dawn”.

With this new name, the duo would like to take the act in a new direction. “We’ll basically move forward with our plans we had already, but with a completely new branding on which we are working behind the scenes. As we’re still learning every single day, we’re also working on our own unique sound. In our opinion, our new release The Break Of Dawn sets a dawn, literally”.

‘It made us realize that this is a new beginning’

Today, the first-ever solo release with the new name will be released; ‘The Break Of Dawn’. “Fun fact: we gained some new fans after our release Osiris with Bass Modulators, and when The Break Of Dawn was announced, we received quite a few dm’s from people asking us why our new track has the same name as our act. It made us realize that this is a new beginning, and that’s exactly what we wanted to tell with this track”.

The difference between this release and their previous tracks is that they want to push more towards their own sound. “Bringing heavy mids, powerful breaks and of course strong yet catchy melodies. It’s also our first release that doesn’t contain our little signature pew sound. We left it out, as we felt it was a sound bound to our previous alias, and made room for new sounds”.

The track actually started with two chords only, and the whole track is built around those two chords. “Basically, the whole track was finished, except for the second drop, when we reached out to TNYA. The instrumental inspired her to write lyrics that translated our new chapter in a beautiful way. We’re extremely proud of this result”.

In addition to today’s release, we can expect a lot of new music in the near future. “We have two other solos in the works. Besides we’re working on some interesting collaborations of which one is with our fellow colleague JGSW. The other collabs we’ll keep to ourselves right now. Expect some free downloads soon as well!”

Download The Break Of Dawn here🔥


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