Bright Visions is a name you should definitely remember if you haven’t already. The Dutch artist has risen quickly in the past few years and now proudly presents a new chapter.

Marijn van der Hart, better known as Bright Visions, has quickly established himself in the Hardstyle scene. After his first release in 2018, the Dutchie produced tons of stunning tracks, performed at events like Intents and Defqon.1, and signed with Scantraxx Silver in 2021. Now it is time for Marijn to showcase a new side of Bright Visions. We sat down with him to talk about his new branding, his performance at the BLUE stage of Defqon, his brand new release Fire From Within and his goals. Read on!

  • Hey Marijn, how are you doing?
    Doing really well, Still buzzing from playing at the mighty BLUE at Defqon. 1. Super happy that today I have released Fire From Within with an amazing clip. 
  • You just performed at Defqon.1, how did that feel?
    Really thankful to be part of this label and be able to play at my dream stage together with my friends and colleagues. Playing your tunes in front of so many people feels incredibly powerful. Hearing that many people scream: “OOHHH” feels like you can do anything haha!
  • What does Bright Visions stand for?
    The name Bright Visions is something that can be interpreted by the listener in many ways. I like it to be that way since I want to inspire people with that. It can either stand for a euphoric/melodic element in my track or for looking on the bright side of things.

    For me, Bright Visions stand for determination, passion & believing in the process.  A goal that everyone wants to achieve for themselves. I want to inspire people to achieve that goal and take the challenge with both hands! 

“I want to inspire people to achieve that goal and take the challenge with both hands!”

  • What is the meaning behind your logo?
    The wordmark of my new logo is cursive, this has the meaning of pushing towards your goal. It also represents energy which can be found in my tracks and my on-stage performance.

    The icon stands for an eye. Thus referring back to Visions. The eye is focused on a goal you want to reach. Together with the wordmark, it tells its own story of pushing towards your goals and don’t lose sight of it.
  • You’ve been working super hard lately, from joining Scantraxx Silver, to top-notch music and sick gigs, what else can we expect from Bright Visions in 2022?
    A lot of collabs are in the works right now. I plan on releasing them towards the end of the year. A few artists that I’m working with are Scabtik, Dvastate, Nightcraft & Strixter. Also, a lot of solo tracks are almost done and ready to be brought to light. Besides all the music stuff I’m also bringing back my Studio Challenges in a new form. Producer insights, funny challenges, and maybe even collaborative challenges with other producers. 
  • Lately, you’ve showcased a new side of you, can you tell us a bit more about that?
    Yes! I’ve done quite some euphoric tunes since my signing with Scantraxx but currently, my sound has been evolving into a more raw-influenced style. Fire From Within represents that style really well. Trying to blend high energy and powerful melodies with heavy kicks. 
  • Can you tell us a bit more about your newest release “Fire From Within”?
    So, Fire From Within started out like 2 years ago already. Struggled a lot with the concept of the track. I really liked the melody but just couldn’t get it right. After letting go for 6 months I finally came back to it and re-worked the whole track. This is where the new vocals came in as well. I tried to make an even better version of Victorious and in my opinion, I did.

    The track is also what Bright Visions is about. About a fire that is burning from within to push towards certain goals. “I won’t give up until the end, to make what will be mine” is a line that clearly tells that. 
  • What’s your ultimate goal as an artist? 
    My ultimate goal is to have my own solo set in the BLUE one day. Having so many people screaming along your tracks. But, mainly my goal is to just keep doing what I love and continue this journey that I’m on right now. Keep exploring the scene and meet new people. 

We seriously can’t wait to hear more of this talented fella in the future!

🎶 Make sure to download Bright Vision’s latest track Fire From Within on here!

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