Fabian Quiroga, better known as Stormerz, has been on our radar for years now. The extremely talented Chilean artist is South America’s most recognized Hardstyle export and released a brand new track today that comes with an impressive video clip.

Fabian has been producing since he was only 16 years old. Already back in 2015, he performed at Defqon.1 Chile and has since then expanded his music all across the world. Stormerz is known for his signature euphoric & power-driven sound that is accompanied by hard kicks.

Today, Stormerz released a track with a special meaning. Boomerang marks his first release of the year and is out now on Q-dance presents SPEQTRUM. “This track is all about reuniting with that special person who you haven’t seen in a long time or had to leave behind for whatever reason. ‘Boomerang’ goes to that theme, coming back.”, says Fabian. The track is deeply emotional. Together with stunning vocals, a beautiful melody, and heavy kicks, Boomerang will surely enter the Top 40 charts quickly.

The track comes with a stunning video clip which marks Fabian’s first scripted clip ever. We wanted to know more about Boomerang and what else Fabian has been up to, so read our interview below!


How are you doing and what are you up to these days?

I’m doing great lately! I was disappointed and had no motivation to produce for a long time with all of the bad news every time because of Covid so that made me take a little break from producing since there weren’t many inspiring things around haha. However, lately, I’ve really been back on the grind. I have several new tracks and I feel like I’ve really found the sound I want to pursue, and I hope to be showing a little of that with ‘Boomerang’. Also, I’m really excited and looking forward to all the events during the summer season, that also has definitely given me tons of inspiration!

Can you tell us more about the creative process behind the track?

I’ve had the topline for this track for about 2 years saved in a folder, but never really found the right way to approach it until now. I felt like the acapella was way too good to just use it in a track that I wasn’t 100% satisfied with. For some time, I made many versions and different melodies but nothing really convinced me so I decided to just save it until I really find the right elements and ideas. Then, I feel like, in this intense period where I was quite unmotivated and had my feelings all over the place, I finally found the motivation to give it another shot, and immediately came up with a sketch of the final track! I’m now really satisfied with it since I feel it ended up being a really easy-going track in terms of the arrangement but it still got my signature style of melodies.

What are your goals for 2022?
You know what? I decided to get rid of those, and since then, my inspiration and drive to make music has improved significantly. I feel like just making music with no expectations has really made all of this more fun, like it was in the very beginning. Saying this because I feel like I was too focused on “getting this, getting that”, or “getting more plays” and blah blah and that kind of got me disconnected to the real reasons I make music for. So yeah, I’m trying to keep my expectations on zero, and just be able to put my feelings into music, as cliche as that sounds. Of course, though, I have some plans in mind, and that includes playing in Europe more often this year, since I’ve recently signed with The Wishlist Agency, so I’m quite excited about that!

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