Criminal Mayhem launches new Rawstyle x Techno live act

Criminal Mayhem

Criminal Mayhem presents “Against The Grain LIVE”, a brand-new live act melting the boundaries between Raw Hardstyle and Techno.

Now slowly but steadily combining (Hard) Techno and Rawstyle music all together, Criminal Mayhem was able to create this fresh blend and definitely unique musical approach within the scene, which has already proven to be appreciated by fans and colleagues alike. Recently he announced a brand-new live act concept called ‘Against The Grain’. It is a brand-new Criminal Mayhem live experience centered around the combination of Raw Hardstyle and Techno.

During the performance the audience will encounter live improvisations with a modular synthesizer, exclusive live edits of Criminal Mayhem tracks, new and unreleased Criminal Mayhem music (both Techno and Rawstyle) as well as edits and bootlegs. This live experience will guide you through Criminal Mayhem’s distinct musical and visual world. For a first experience, check out this live set recording:


If you want to experience this live set near you, tell your local promoters about it. Follow Criminal Mayhem on Instagram and TikTok to take part in the Raw x Techno movement.


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