D-Attack aka Sybren, the Scantraxx Black signed artist from the North of the Netherlands. After two years of silence, it is time for this artist to present something special. A mini-album and a new live act: Project Attack. Today the very first track from the album ‘Adrenaline’ is released and we spoke to him about the album and the live act.

With the mini-album, Sybren wanted to do something special. Not just releasing music once in a while but working on a theme. “After many brainstorming sessions this idea came to mind and I was completely hyped.” Says Sybren.

The mini-album is based on the letters ATTACK. 

Adrenaline – Thunder – Throttle – Attack – Conquer – Killer


The album will be kicked off with the track Adrenaline. After that, every 4 weeks a new track from the album will be released on Scantraxx Black. “So 6 months full of new music, sounds great right?!” says Sybren enthusiastically. All tracks are filled up with a high blast of energy, crazy melodies, and Thunder ass kicks. “Every track is unique and has its own story & videoclip. Also, the 6 tracks tell where D-Attack stands for!” 

All the tracks of the album are going to be solo tracks to make it more personal. “I think it fits better with the project to create your own authentic chapter and it feels better. I already have some Killer plans for collaborations but that’s for the future”. 

Sybren put a lot of thought into the name Project Attack. “The name D-Attack came up a long time ago. I was hooked by the hardcore sound back in the days. We all know the track Unexist – Attack, that was my favorite haha! So from that came D-Attack. On this mini-album, I wanna do something bigger. To make it a project for the future. It’s not only a mini-album, it’s time to Conquer. It’s a Project!”


There will also be a live act around Project Attack. “It’s the next step I’m working on at the moment! It’s time to Attack after releasing the mini-album and present the live act. When the whole project comes together… We’re going full Throttle haha!”

We can expect a LOT of the new live act. “Ok, a sneak peek! I will perform with turntables. Bringing back the old school, only with a new style flavor. I think the scene needs something different and new. Back in the days, I learned to play on the wheels of steel so it always gives me goosebumps when I see them.”

On the 26th of May, D-Attack will host his own PROJECT ATTACK stage at Heaven Open Air in Heerenveen with artists like Rebelion, Keltek, Rejecta, Outsiders, and many more. “And planning to do more in the future! So organizations, if you’re up for a win-win, hit me up!”

“Adrenaline” is OUT NOW and available for download via this link🔥


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