Diederik & Stefan, aka D-Block & S-te-fan. Last year they released the Enter Your Mind album, which was super successful. Today, these legends release a collab with Frontliner “World of Dreams”, which was premiered at Defqon.1 at Home. We spoke to the duo about this collab, the creative process behind their music, new music, and much more.

The boys are doing pretty good these days, they’re really happy to be fully back on track “It feels amazing to be back at doing what we love most; Being on the road to meet our fans worldwide. We literally went from zero to 100 in April as we have a lot of shows coming up, but it is all worth it.Creativity is floating like crazy, and we are looking forward to the festival season.”

Their new collaboration “World of Dreams” with Frontliner (Barry) will be released today. “We know Frontliner for so many years and we never managed to get into the studio together and create a song, so this was long overdue. We basically just met up in the studio after agreeing on starting with the project”.


They start working on the collab a long time ago. “Just looked it up and it was in August 2016, haha. We met up in the studio and created the first melody of the track. Then, of course, we started working on the Antidote album which were all solos and from there, our schedules were kind of hectic. So during covid, we found the time to finish the song haha!” says Stefan.

The duo tells us more about the creative process behind the track, which began under another project name: Perfect 10. “We came up with the name because the first melody is not following the typical pattern that songs normally follow. It has a different way of counting. That’s the reason why you also can’t really mix over the first melody (why would you, that’s why we made the second melody haha).”

Diederik and Stefan are big fans of the early Frontliner songs with those typical melodies.”We really wanted to add that to the second part of the track. After we had those we wrote the vocals. Stefan had the idea of using Children of the Night as a theme, and we just started adding meaning to that hook. And then World of Dreams was born!”


When we ask where the boys get their inspiration from, they jokingly respond: “we buy it at a discount from Wallmart, haha!”. They find this question really hard to answer. “No one really knows where it comes from. We are just really passionate about Hardstyle and pretty much let our passion lead the way. We do always go in the studio with an idea of where to go, as this makes the road to an end result way easier but other than that we just go with the flow.”

They feel like it’s amazing to work with Barry. According to Diederik & Stefan, Frontliner is a talented producer and easy to work with. “For example: the cover of World of Dreams is made by Ruud van Eijk, and we got the first draw in and were like; maybe change this or that and when we send it to Barry he was like: PERFECT, don’t do anything about It haha.. so we left it as it was. Next time tho, let’s hope it won’t take another 5 years to come to a finished product haha!”

The reactions on the track were really cool according to the duo, which was already played quite some time ago. “To be honest, when we play it the energy is really different to our solo tracks. It has a lot of energy still, but also a lot of dreamy vibes. And that as a contract in our energetic sets gives people chills. But that’s exactly how we envisioned it, and why we did this collab with Frontliner in the first place. It worked out
really well!”

“We have been working hard lately on the collab that every Hardstyle lover out there would want…”

The boys are currently working on a lot of new music at the moment. “We just finished Ghost Stories – Haunted Grounds, which is like a new version of our 2020 Primal Energy Defqon anthem. Besides that, we are currently playing out a new collab with DJ Isaac Slave to the Rave: and a new bootleg called GODD is a DJ.”

Besides those tracks, they have 2 new solos ready for the festival season, and they’re working on new Ghost Stories material too. “In addition to that, we have been working hard lately on the collab that every Hardstyle lover out there would want…”.

D-Block & S-te-Fan: “See you soon at one of our shows!”

“World Of Dreams” is OUT NOW and available for download via this link🔥


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