D-Sturb on his #1 spot in the Top 40: “I want to give you guys something special this year”

D-Sturb’s ‘Impact‘ has taken the Hardstyle scene by storm, securing the number #1 spot on the official Hardstyle Top 40 of March: “It’s an honour and I’m grateful for the support. It motivates me to make the next Playground tracks even more special!”

The artist has a message for his fans who have supported him throughout his journey, “This was the official sound track of Playground 01 which means there are 5 left for the coming shows. I’m working my ass off for this project since I want to give you guys something special this year! Let’s make some epic memories together on the Playgrounds.” For those who were not at Playground 01, relive his Reverze appearance here:

‘Welcome to My Playground’ is D-Sturb’s new live act, consisting of six themes, with ‘Impact’ being the first. When asked what fans can expect from the upcoming shows and tracks, D-Sturb explains, “The mission briefing for Impact was to create a track where kicks make an impact like mankind has never heard before. The next Playground is about ‘Flow’ and I can announce to you that this time the mission I received is; ‘Create a track where the melody will flow like water within’. So expect something totally different!”

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The evolution of the harder styles is going really fast lately

When talking about the current state of the Hardstyle scene and its evolution in recent times, D-Sturb says, “I think the evolution of the Harder Styles is going really fast lately. Faster than I’ve experienced before. I think evolution is very important to keep the genre alive and interesting but sometimes as a producer, it can be difficult to come up with something new every time.” However, he also adds that he keeps pushing himself by experimenting and having fun in the studio until he’s happy with the end result.

As for what’s next for D-Sturb after ‘Welcome to My Playground’, he says, “Well, the Playground tour has just started. But next to this, I have multiple other projects I’m working on. My bootleg of Praise The Lord will be released very very soon so keep an eye out on my socials! Also, I’ve made some plans with artists to make a (follow up) collab. Can you feel it? But within several weeks, I will also release ‘Reflections’. Very happy with this track, which you can spot in my Welcome to my Playground – Reverze Live set.”

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