As the first festival in the world, Defqon.1 is releasing a supplement line today that includes a pre-workout and a post-workout product.

The world’s largest harder styles festival – Defqon.1 Weekend Festival – is releasing its own Warrior Workout supplement line today. The line follows the successful launch of the Warrior Workout, which this year saw thousands of festival-goers get a workout together on the Saturday morning of Defqon.1.


The concept has proven in recent years to be a perfect match for the music and the visitors of the multi-day festival, many of whom are involved in sports, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle in their daily lives. The Warrior Workout supplement line was developed in collaboration with XXL Nutrition, the fastest growing sports nutrition brand in Europe, and includes a pre-workout and post-workout.

The Warrior Workout supplement line includes products for both before and after intense exercise. The Primal Energy Pre-Workout is made to be consumed before a workout and provides the necessary energy to achieve optimal results during intensive efforts. The Primal Energy Pre-Workout is available in the flavors Red Fruit and Orange Fruit, whereby the latter is also available without caffeine. To help the body recover, the Warrior Workout supplement line has also developed the Recharge Post-Workout in the flavor Tropical Fruit. Whether it’s a visit to the gym or dancing your legs off at a festival, Warrior Workout supplements give you the boost you need to get the most out of yourself and recover optimally from intense efforts.

Starting May 12, all products are available via this link.

‘Four days of Defqon.1 is serious business, you could almost call it top sport!’

Jonas Schmidt, Creative Director of Q-dance: “Four days of Defqon.1 is serious business, you could almost call it top sport! That’s why we support our visitors to stay fit with our Warrior Workout and this new supplement line of the same name. We want our visitors to be and stay in top shape! In the run-up to the festival we will release new 20-minute full body work-out videos, there will be a physical gym on the festival grounds and we will make a big deal out of the Warrior Workout moment on Saturday morning during the festival. In short, enough reasons to join XXL Nutrition in this partnership for the supplement line and to strive together for the highest quality, both in sports and at the festival!”

René van der Zel, CEO and founder of XXL Nutrition: “Whether we could help Q-dance develop and deliver top quality supplements for the Warrior Workout concept? Yes, we can do that like no other! It is truly a wonderful partnership between two organizations that both brim with energy and go for innovation and quality. Developing the concept was a fun process with a lot of input and wishes from the Q-dance team. We put a lot of time and effort into it and are proud of the final result.”


Defqon.1 is known as the highlight of the festival season for fans of the harder styles from all over the world, bringing together more than 95,000 visitors from 110 different countries at the festival grounds in Biddinghuizen every year. This year, the organization is expanding with an extra fourth day on Thursday, allowing festival lovers to immerse themselves in the world of Defqon.1 for four days.

To prepare visitors for four days of partying, Defqon.1 challenges its fans with the Get fit for Defqon.1 challenge. Visitors to the famous festival can buy the products from the Warrior Workout supplement line at the festival and can also work out four days a week in the Warrior Workout gym on the grounds. Fans who have not yet secured a ticket can purchase the last available tickets at

Warrior Workout| Defqon.1 & XXL Nutrition

The supplements from the Defqon.1 Warrior Workout line will be available starting Thursday, May 12 at or


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