Devin Wild aka Dion Mons, one of Scantraxx’s established main-label artists. Today he releases his latest EP called ACID. I’ve been seeing teasers and hints surrounding the EP for weeks and I was wondering what exactly ACID is all about, and the story behind it. Dion opened up about the story of ACID, an ACID shortmovie, his new sound, and more. Are you curious about the journey of an ACID trip? Read on!


The idea to create ACID was born a long time ago. Dion has been thinking about creating this EP for a long time, since he started experimenting more. “I already had a couple of songs laying around for a while, which were quite different. We didn’t really know what to do with it yet, and then I created the song ACID. From the idea was born to take all the tracks which I had ready and bundle them together and include ACID on it as well. From there the creative process of making the EP was started. The main idea is to tell a complete experience with this EP: the journey of an acid trip. Each track has its own theme, but all tracks are connected to each other.”

Releasing a full album didn’t feel like the right time at the moment. He feels that with an EP you can also create a specific atmosphere and theme around it.


The first track on the EP ‘ACID’ represents the beginning of the trip. The anticipation, the excitement and the unknown. It’s the moment where you truly embark on the journey, making the decision to leave behind the ego and connect with the soul. “The world melts together and we start to witness a beautiful blend of shapes, lights, and music. Be aware, hallucinations and assorted other psychedelic experiences can affect your body and mind as you travel through the phases of this journey.”

Next, now that we’ve entered the world of ACID with no going back, you have to know that ‘It’s Okay’. You move deeper, lose control and maybe even experience some anxiety as you delve deeper and experience an underwater world. Again, you have to know: It’s Okay. “We flow into a new dimension in which patterns start to dissolve and the melted world takes a liquid form. Currents start to flow, ready to take us away. It might feel like we’re drowning, but we will get out alive.”

The loss of perception will then occur, as we are thrown into the concept of time and space. What is time? That doesn’t matter anymore. All you need to do is float around as a product of consciousness and not worry about these complex concepts. “As we travel beyond the speed of light, we observe an endless space. Here, we float effortlessly and wander in infinity”

The last step approaches. We have seen, experienced, and felt the wonders of the ACID world, but the journey is not over yet. This is the final lesson – the most intense hours of the acid trip. ‘Eternity’ is upon us, as we realize we are an infinite product of the cosmos. “Close your eyes, listen to the sound of your breath as we enter an endless tunnel. Travel in an unbounded world, created by our own minds. We are beyond form. Beyond thought.”

The ACID journey draws to a close, with new insights gained and a deeper level of spiritual awareness achieved. Taking time to gather all the pieces of the puzzle together, soon you will return to ask yourself: “Could we take this even further? Should we do this again”


Oh yes! ACID the movie is really happening and it is already released yesterday. It is a 20+ minute long video that guides us through the trip. The reason why he choose to make a short movie is to have the best ACID experience, like how it meant to be heard. The visuals are also taken care of, with each track being represented by the trippiest, wackiest eye candy. “It’s recommended to consume the entire product at once to experience the full effects of the ACID. The whole songs plus the interludes were carefully designed in this particular order to give you the most fulfilling and enjoyable trip.” 

Well, see it for yourself. Have a nice trip:).


Lately, we have seen the above emoticons popping up more often on Devin Wild’s social media channels. This also has to do with the EP. Each emoticon represents a phase of the trip. “For example: the ‘brain’ stands for ACID. The start of the trip, you’ll start to hallucinate. Everything is intense. The beginning of the journey. The ‘fish’ stands for a state of getting more comfortable in the trip. You’re starting to float, experiencing things on a deeper level. 

I wondered why he chooses to release all four tracks at once, instead of singles. The reason why is because he really wants to tell the story and present it all once, also in combination with the video. “With an EP you can create an atmosphere, a story like you can do with an album and bring it as one thing. Now it’s clear that these tracks are attached to each other in some way and together they tell the story.” 

Let’s say it’s not the only thing I will do, but this is something you can expect from me from now on. 


The tracks on the EP are quite alternative and out of the box. Dion sees this as a reflection of his mind, he wants to explain what he likes in music. “I like some sort of complexity reinforced by a musical theme. I like it when I hear a piece of music and a really specific feeling starts to pop up. That can be excitment but also a deeper emotion.” 

He has released more darker tracks lately, also in combination with his live act The_Innergame. With this act, he showcases the dark side of Devin Wild. ACID fits perfectly in the picture of The_innergame. Although, this new sound will not be entirely the future of Devin Wild. “Let’s say it’s not the only thing I will do, but this is something you can expect from me from now on”. So, we can expect a combination of the new and the established Devin Wild in the near future.

Devin Wild will be performing a The_Innergame set at Revelation on November 6th, and ACID will be a part of it. “Since The_Innergame is born out of the idea I wanted to develop this more experimental and underground sound, it will fit the concept perfectly. Also visually The_Innergame comes with a timecoded show, so the experience you’ll have when watching the full film will also be experienced when going to Revelation. So, if you want to have the full experience I’d advise to be a part of that event!”

Personally, I find the new side of Devin Wild very interesting. I think this is a sound that has never been seen before within hardstyle, it feels refreshing, and if you ask me it definitely tastes like more. I also really like the story behind the EP, I think we could all use some ACID in our lives😜. Well done Dion, it was nice to learn more about ACID. Keep up the good work!

Devin Wild’s ACID EP is now available for download at💚


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