Cyril and Robin, aka Divinez. These two boys have been working hard for a while now, and are preparing for a career in the hardstyle scene as a DJ-duo. Today, they make a big step in this career: they officially join team Scantraxx Silver.

Recently, Scantraxx has chosen to continue with the euphoric side of the talent label Scantraxx Silver (and also Carbon) with a compact club. Today they proudly present the DJ-duo Divinez signed to strengthen this compact, talented Silver team.

We’re really excited to join the Scantraxx Silver team!


In December 2015 Cyril and Robin decided to create a new Hardstyle duo called Divinez. You recognize their style on their euphoric sounds in combination with raw. They perform an energetic set, with a blend of euphoric, raw and classic tracks.

On the 30th of September 2019 they made their solo debut release on End Of Line. The track “Fame” is part of the “Rookie EP”. In 2020 they introduced a new style that is a lot more euphoric than their old style. After a few releases on Derailed Traxx and Scantraxx Prospexx, they received a new milestone in 2021: releasing on Scantraxx Silver.


At this moment they are proud to present that they have officially signed and are part of team Scantraxx Silver. The gentlemen are planning to blow us away and surprise us with countless tracks because if we are to believe them: we haven’t heard the last of these boys yet!

After being a fan of the label for more than 10 years, we’re now proudly part of it!

‘We always had the feeling that Scantraxx fits our style perfectly!’ according to the duo. The first release as signed artists is scheduled for next Tuesday, so be sure to keep an eye on Scantraxx’s social media channels to not miss out on the release.


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