Dom Livez drops long-awaited Remix of Mqx’s viral track: “Heaven’s Door”

Dom Livez has become a well known name in the Hardstyle scene recently. From winning a DJ Contest to playing at Electrifinity Festival and supporting acts like Mutilator or Broken Minds at Munich’s biggest Hardstyle Event called HardRave, more and more people notice the German talent. His energy on Stage is just unmatched and playing shirtless makes him stand out even more. “I really wanna make people feel alive with my music, that’s why I called myself Dom Livez. I think that being alive is the biggest blessing.”

After his first Release back in 2021, Dom’s tracks didn’t take a long time to blow up on Social Media. In 2022 he did not only release 3 tracks which all cracked 1 Million Streams after a couple of months but he also produced the world renowned Remix of “Middle of The Night” which has over 11 Million Streams on Spotify. “I don’t know why but I knew that this track will go viral as hell, but now it’s time to conquer the real Hardstyle Scene and play on big Festivals. Stay tuned guys this is only the beginning”, he said.

A very mystical and epic track with heavy unexpected Drops!

Today marks the release of Dom Livez Remix of Mqx’s viral track “Heaven’s Door”. “As soon as I started listening to the Original, I thought I can make a Festival Banger out of that!”, he said. Mqx’s is a very popular producer from Canada, who loves to make Hardstyle for the Gym and Working Out in general. With his unique style, he has managed to create a huge Fan base and has over 700.000 monthly listeners on Spotify. “Every time I’ve played it live the crowd went absolutely crazy, I’m so happy that it’s finally out!!”, Dom said. With this Remix, Dom Livez proves that he can not only create epic and euphoric tracks, but can also go really hard and has a promising future in the Hardstyle Scene.

Heavens Door Remix is now available for download on For more updates and information, please check out Dom Livez Instagram or Mqx’s Instagram for the viral track.

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