From Studio to Stage: Warface on Bringing His Latest Album to Life

Warface, our man who recently hosted the REBiRTH Festival mainstage last Sunday, is gearing up for the release of his newest album & liveshow “Rest In Pieces.” In this interview, he opens up about the concept behind the project, his creative process, his favorite track, and his views on the ever-evolving hardstyle genre.

Regarding the inspiration for the album, Warface explained that he wanted to create a concept that had a personal meaning for him. He said, “The last couple of years, I went through some difficult times, but right now I’m feeling better than ever so all the problems I had can now Rest In Pieces and I can focus on a new chapter of Warface.”

We succeeded in creating a refreshing sound

Warface and his collaborator Remco approached the creative process with the goal of creating a refreshing sound that incorporated elements from other genres they like. Fortunately, the production went very smoothly, and they achieved their goal. Warface said, “I think we succeeded in creating a refreshing sound.”

When talking about his favorite track on the album, Warface finds it hard to pick just one. He says, “I’m really happy and proud with every single track on this album, and I’m confident to say that I think the album doesn’t have a single bad or average track. They all stand out in their way in my opinion!”

We also talked about if he has the opportunity to collaborate with any artist, living or dead, outside of the hardstyle genre, who would it be and why? Warface shares his dream collaboration, saying, “Definitely Machine Gun Kelly. I’ve always been a huge fan of his music, so that would be a dream coming true for me.”

“This is why the Warface sound and brand will always keep evolving”

As an artist, the artist is always looking for something new or refreshing. He stated, “The moment we feel we’re doing the same trick, we stop and start looking for something different. I think this is why the Warface sound and brand will always keep evolving.” He also noted that he sees Hardstyle is evolving as well, with music getting harder but also seeing a return of some melodic elements.

When talking about what’s next, Warface teased some exciting plans for after the summer but couldn’t reveal any details just yet. He said, “It’s definitely gonna be worth the wait!” For now, fans can look forward to seeing him perform his new album on various festivals across Europe this summer.


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