Gunz For Hire (Ran-D & Adaro) have not been idle lately and are coming with a new live show this festival season. At Reverze, the masked men presented this brand new show, which is all about new on-stage experiences and of course new music. Firestone is the first track that completely fits the bill of this new live act. We spoke to Gunz For Hire about this new show: Death or Glory.

The boys put a lot of time into preparing this new experience. We can therefore expect a lot from this new show. “For this new tour, we have made lots and lots of new tracks. They will get a release in the following months, starting with Firestone last week. Tracks like Mustang, the new ‘Gunz Pumping remix’ of Pussy Lovers, and Death or Glory are coming your way.”

“The unofficial follow-up to Sorrow.”

Firestone has just been released and fits perfectly in the direction they want to go to with the act. “We went back to our core, raw tracks with quality sound design and original ideas. This track is a special one to us. The epic vocals of singer Ava Silver combined with superhard kicks and ear-piercing screeches work great together. The reactions of the fans are amazing, some even call it the unofficial follow-up to Sorrow.” Click here to stream Firestone on Spotify!


The new show is different from the regular Gunz For Hire show, so there is an actual distinction between the two acts. “We always aim to improve our live act, both music-wise and the on-stage experience. We think this will be our best tour so far. We have an intro video in the style of an action film. The visuals are next level and totally in theme and we will go all-in with sfx and entertainment. Come experience it for yourself.”

We can expect a lot of new Gunz For Hire music in the upcoming time. “We have a lot of tracks ready to go as we said. Besides that there are always new tracks in the making, several remixes are coming up (for example the slamming Digital Punk remix of our notorious track “Swagger”) and we will update some Gunz classics ourselves.

This weekend, Gunz For Hire will perform at Rebirth Festival with the Death or Glory Show. As such, they have big plans for this gig. “Get ready for some cool extra live performances from guest artists and the on-stage entertainment factor will be extra large here.”


To get in full in the mood for the new live show, the two masked men even come up with exclusive ‘Firestone’ merchandise. Get your own Firestone t-shirt now in the Roughstate merchandise shop.

Gunz For Hire: “See you at Rebirth or at another event this year!”

Banner photo: MNO Photo, Reverze.


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