The release of his previous album has just reached us, but this legend is already surprising us with something new. After his successful album Chemistry, Hard Driver aka Freek van Kempen is already coming up with a follow-up. We spoke to Freek about this new album, the meaning of HDNA, the branding, and more.

After releasing his Chemistry album last year, where he kept the connection strong with his fans through music, Hard Driver presents the sequel for 2022: HDNA – The Album. His fourth solo album will contain multiple refreshing collabs and the absolute best Hard Driver solos so far.

‘’Although we’ve been separated for far too long, we’ve always been genetically connected. Although the road ahead still seems long, this year it’s time to respond to what is deeply engraved into our HDNA. Party together as one and experience the music in a physical way again, reverberating through our very core. Are you ready to Embrace The Physical?’’


HDNA is the official sequel to his album Chemistry. Both albums tell a story together. “With Chemistry, I kept the connection strong with my fans through music in times without events. My new album is all about responding to what is deeply engraved into our HDNA. We’ve been separated for far too long, so this year it’s finally time again to party together as one in a physical way again! The road ahead still seems long, but I’m positive this year will be better for us than last year”.

HDNA stands for the Hardstyle DNA, but the name also includes the initials of Hard Driver (HD). “It is something that connects us and what makes us unique”.


“This album will represent my absolute core sound in a refreshing way. I think this album contains the best Hard Driver music so far. I can’t wait to drop all the tracks!

HDNA is the official follow-up to last year’s Chemistry album. I wondered why he chose to come up with another album. “I love to challenge myself. In 2020 my management and I came with the idea to release my third album in 2021. To challenge myself even more, we also came up with the idea to do a follow-up album the year after. It’s something that I have never done, so it’s a whole new challenge for me and that’s what makes it fun”. 

In terms of branding, Chemistry was on point. Also, HDNA has a refreshing branding. “I want to give my fans a whole new experience around this album release. But I guess in some ways it will be the same as Chemistry since it’s the follow up”.

This week it is really time for the official release of the album Freek has been working hard on for the past year. “I’ve started working on ideas and such in 2020 already. The HDNA album includes 5 collabs with huge artists such as Sound Rush, Atmzofears, Sickmode, Hard Driver & Villain.

🧬 HDNA the album is OUT NOW and available for download on


That Hard Driver has big plans for 2022 is one thing that is certain. In addition to his solo album, there is a lot more new music coming in the next year. “I can’t say anything about that yet, but one thing is sure: I’ll drop more music than I have ever done in a year!  


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