Hardstyle for dummies: what subgenres do we have?

Hardstyle is a fast-paced and high-energy electronic dance music genre that originated in the Netherlands in the late 1990s. It is characterised by its aggressive basslines, fast kick drums, and the use of pitched-up vocal samples. The genre has since evolved and diversified, giving rise to several subgenres, each with its own unique style and sound.

Classic Hardstyle

This is the original form of Hardstyle that emerged in the late 1990s. It is characterized by its raw, unpolished sound and features pounding basslines, hard-hitting kicks, and distorted synths. Classic Hardstyle is often described as “rough and tough” and is still popular among fans of the genre.

Raw Hardstyle

Raw Hardstyle is a subgenre that focuses on a more aggressive and intense sound. It is characterized by the use of harder and faster kickdrums, screeching synth leads, and harsh vocal samples. Raw Hardstyle tracks are often considered more “hardcore” compared to other Hardstyle subgenres.

Euphoric Hardstyle

Euphoric Hardstyle is a subgenre that is characterised by its use of uplifting melodies, emotional breakdowns, and euphoric synths. This subgenre often features emotional vocals, strings, and pianos, and is considered to be the more “melodic” side of Hardstyle.


Freestyle is a subgenre of Hardstyle that is characterized by its use of old-school hardcore and gabber elements, such as samples from classic rave and hardcore tracks. Freestyle tracks often feature faster tempos and harder kicks, and are considered to be the “hardcore” side of Hardstyle.

In conclusion, Hardstyle is a dynamic and constantly evolving genre that has given rise to several subgenres, each with its own unique style and sound. Whether you prefer the raw intensity of classic Hardstyle, the uplifting melodies of Euphoric Hardstyle, or the hardcore sounds of Freestyle, there is a Hardstyle subgenre to suit your taste.

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