Hardstyle Heat, a new independent playlist that offers hardstyle for everyone. A nice mix of different music of all hardstyle labels in our scene. They will collect all the best music of the moment, from big and small artists, all in one list. Right now they have a giveaway going on, do you want to win two tickets for Live For This or Shockerz? Read in the article how to participate!

“We are Hardstyle Heat, a collective formed by fans and for the fans”. Hardstyle Heat is a community, a shared passion, and a way of life, bound by music. “Our spirits ignite from long dance sessions underneath the blazing sun, we find solace in the hard bass pumping through our soul and recharge our batteries with the presence of music in our lives”.

The Hardstyle Heat playlist is a one-stop-shop for the hottest hardstyle to make you smile, dance, sweat and thrive! It’s the soundtrack to your life, for all occasions, all emotions and all activities. Made with love and passion, their carefully curated list gives the spotlight to sizzling hardstyle tunes of utmost quality, from artists big and small.

Follow Hardstyle Heat and win 2 VIP tickets for Live For This or 2 regular for Shockerz! 🔥

To celebrate their launch, they’re giving away 2 tickets for a big event. All you have to do is follow them on Instagram, follow the Spotify playlist, and like them on Facebook! You can choose from Live For This (VIP) or for Shockerz (regular). Check out the trailer below!

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