After yesterday’s announcement, that multi-day festivals will no longer take place this summer until September 1st, ID&T is pressing ahead with the summary proceedings for one-day festivals. They believe they can prove that one-day festivals can take place safely and will argue for this in court.

Now that the government will not clarify the situation regarding events without an overnight stay before 1 August, the organization and its co-claimants feel compelled to continue with the summary proceedings

Following the discussion on a sustainable future for the events industry that took place on Tuesday 20 July between the state and among others the ID&T Group, the Alliance of Event Builders, and Fieldlab Events at the proposal of Minister De Jonge, the government announced today that multi-day events with camping will not be allowed until 1 September.

“It is not an option for us to wait until August 13 for a decision for events that are already scheduled for the following day”

Rosanne Janmaat, COO of the ID&T Group: “Although we are extremely disappointed that we have to miss an edition of Mysteryland and Decibel outdoor for the second year in a row, we understand the ban on festivals with camping. Together with our suppliers and artists, our teams work extremely hard all year to do everything possible to give our visitors a fantastic experience, however, after consulting with the various government agencies, it appears that it is logistically impracticable to retest the camping guests every 24 hours.”

However, the industry is left with great ambiguity regarding whether or not events can continue without an overnight stay. Despite previous discussions with government representatives indicating that a decision on non-overnight events is needed as soon as possible, the government announced today that it will not give a decision on this until August 13. This brings irresponsible high risks with it, the organization of events in August are in such a critical final phase that every day counts. Now that the government has indicated that it will only provide clarity on this matter on August 13, the ID&T Group feels that it has no other option but to continue the preliminary relief proceedings in order to force a faster decision. The court has been asked to schedule a hearing at the shortest possible notice.

“Based on the outcomes of the Fieldlab events, we know that we can safely and responsibly host events without an overnight stay. It is not an option for us to wait until August 13 for a decision for events that are already scheduled for the following day,” said Rosanne Janmaat.


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