JDX: ‘I want a tangible and immersive experience when performing’

Last week, JDX announced a new music label for the Harder Styles: PL4N3T X. This label is not just any label, on this label, new music will be released in DOLBY ATMOS as the first Hardstyle label in the world ever. We spoke to Joshua about this huge step in his career. He opened up about the label’s mission, what to expect, and his very first release on PL4N3T X.

To start, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is JDX, and I’m a producer, DJ, and performer. I create Harder Styles music with orchestral influences inspired by movie soundtracks, have been in the scene for many years, and have experimented with all kinds of music.

Can you tell us about the mission behind Planet X?

Planet X is a forward thinking record label for my own sound and others who want to explore the boundaries of the Harder Styles. My technical expertise will be used to help others create music in the Dolby Atmos format and to help others pave the road for the future of the Harder Styles. 

What kind of music can we expect on Planet X? 

Planet X will feature the whole spectrum of the Harder Styles. Music on Planet X needs to be conceptual, emotional and tell a story, which is something that Hard Music always stood for in my eyes. I always imagine different worlds that I create in my head when I produce music, inspired by movies, sounds, and creative, talented artists. 

I want others who see music the same way that I do to have a home to release their music which is different from the rest. There is so much unexplored potential in the Harder Styles and I want to provide a platform for growing those boundaries in unprecedented ways.

What inspired you to enter the world of Dolby Atmos? 

A year ago I learned about Dolby Atmos for music. I became so incredibly convinced after seeing technology grow like this and had to follow my intuition. Watching industry experts talk about it with such passion showed me that something significant was happening in the way we perceive music and what the future holds for it. Pop, R&B, Hip Hop and even movie soundtracks (I was specifically inspired by Hans Zimmer’s Dune film soundtrack) started getting released in Dolby Atmos format. I want to bring that experience of audio immersion into the Harder Styles. 

Can you tell us a bit more about the Planet X brand? 

There are a lot of small pieces to the story. I began this path with the idea of performing with VR glasses and the idea of an avatar that can perform in multiple virtual worlds. However, it goes much deeper than that. Recently, I began experimenting with different time signatures. Most dance music is normally produced in 4/4, but I became inspired to start making some tracks in ¾. In the PL4N3T X name, A is a 4, E is a 3 – which stands for ¾. PL4N3T X is 7 characters long, and my goal is to release new music only on the 7th of the month. As you can guess, 7 is my lucky number ;). The X is also a small hint to the last letter of my artist name. 

How do you plan to perform in the future?

I started DJing once again at Defqon.1 last summer. I’m now working towards something that sets my DJ career more so in the direction of live performance. I want to create something more like a concert, with a well thought out performance that takes the audience on a journey. I always loved the idea of performing live as a musician and I want a much more tangible and immersive experience when performing.

Can you tell us about the first release?

The first record is a collaboration between Alizay and me. I wanted the first Planet X record to be a “close your eyes and go” track. The creative process started with just the melody. Alizay is French and I have some French roots. This gave us the idea for a unique vocal structure in both languages.

How do you go about demos?

I’m not actively searching at the moment, but I hope that other talented artists reach out if they think their music fits with the vision of PL4N3T X. 

Raging Shadows’ is OUT NOW and available for download via this link


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