JDX launches new website and branding

JDX, aka Joshua Dutrieux. In 2010, he created the track “Live The Moment” together with Sarah Maria which was voted the best hardstyle track ever made back in 2020. For him, this was a step towards producing hardstyle again after years, and this year he even stood on stage for the first time as a Defqon.1 Legend. All the reasons for him to go live with a new branding and website to showcase himself to the world.

For Joshua, this is a step to put himself back out there and to perform as JDX. He’s taking a leap of faith, but he’s totally ready for a new chapter – he wants to present himself as an artist again. In doing so, he launches a brand new website where everything about him can be found. He also launches a fresh new branding that he will stick to and would like to show the world.



JDX made music from a young age, trained as a classical musician as a child, later becoming part of a progressive rock band. He discovered house music at the age of 14 when he snuck out of his parents house to visit a party at the Goldfinger in Rosmalen. From that moment on, he was hooked on house music with its signature 4 on the floor rhythm, as opposed to band music at the time. This contrast forever set the tone for his future taste in music and began his adventure through the world of electronic music, leading to being a hardcore DJ, DJ Busy, from 1994 until 1998, when he decided to return to his roots and start a band called Gate. 

In 2001, JDX heard the first Qlimax CD, which brought him to his next calling. The acid offbass influence of 140 BPM Hard Dance energized him and led him down a path of music production and creating his own record label, DJS Records.

He began creating show intros for Q-dance in 2005, expanding on his film music influences. At this time he also joined another label as DJ Busy, Straight On Recordings. As his journey in the Harder Styles continued, he encountered The Prophet that same year. The Prophet approached him at Q-Beach because enjoyed his work as Thalamus and invited him to the studio. They became close right away and started working right away, eventually leading to the track Revolt and the Sensation Black anthem, Blacker Than Black in 2007. With the help of The Prophet, he decided it was time to create a new artist name. From that moment on, JDX became a household name in the Harder Styles and joined Scantraxx Recordz, debuting with his record “Kick It In Ur Face”. He then created the 2007 Defqon.1 anthem with Brennan Heart.

JDX visited the United States in 2008. At that moment, he decided he wanted to pursue his dreams as a film composer, change his course and move to the US. In 2009 he moved to Los Angeles to start his new life. At that time, JDX began working on establishing one of the first American Hardstyle labels, JDX Music, and performed in the United States and in Australia at events like Hard Dance Nation and Magic City, for which JDX created anthems, as well as the world renowned EDC Las Vegas. In 2013, he took a step back from everything until he felt he was ready to return. It wasn’t until the day of Defqon.1 2018 that he would return to The Netherlands and the career of JDX would begin again.


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