Enjoying the thickest hardstyle and hardcore beats on a virtual dance floor with your friends? That will be possible soon. Art of Dance comes with a new concept called ‘PHYTIAN’. This concept offers the opportunity to be present in new online events world with the biggest names in the scene.

Art of Dance has decided to take matters into its own hands in the field of online harddance events, choosing to organize its own online festival in collaboration with PHYTHIAN. “Explore the realm of PYTHIAN and be part of the world’s most extreme XR (Extended Reality) hard dance gathering. Let us reshape your reality and witness the power of virtual escape.”

It’s a special, new way to attend an online event. It’s a whole new world where you enter a new dimension through the PHYTHIAN app. The idea is that you put on VR goggles, this allows you to look all around in the PHYTHIAN world.

The first edition of the online event will be Masters of Hardcore. This first edition will take place on March 27. The one-hour event will be all about the 2016 edition of Masters of Hardcore: Raiders of Rampage. This one will take us on a VR journey where we will encounter Viking ships “from the battlefields to the courtyards”. This experience allows you to virtually rave with your friends to the thickest hardcore beats.

“On the 27th of March, Masters of Hardcore will be the first to welcome you into a theme-based, virtual experience in collaboration with Pythian XR. This one-hour experience transports you back to the 2016’s event theme: Raiders of Rampage and takes you on a VR journey in majestic Viking ships from the battlefields to the courtyards. It includes the hardest, exclusive live sets of Angerfist, Miss K8, Dj Mad Dog, and DRS and lets you virtually rave with people from all over the world. Obey the noise of the visionary. The world never saw them coming.”

Want to be at the first-ever Masters of Hardcore x PYTHIAN experience? For more info, visit

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