Must watch: Dutch documentary about today’s gabbers

The gabber scene is changing, and new gabbers are emerging to enrich hardcore culture. Not just white bald men wearing aussie are gabbers these days. VICE is launching the documentary De Nieuwe Gabbers. In this documentary, three young gabbers are followed leading up to the hardcore festival Ground Zero.

The hardcore fans named: GabbaHontaz, EarlyVenus and DJ Dissoactive, all give their perspective on the development of the gabber community since the 1990s. In addition to their take on the community, the documentary also follows the gabbers in their daily lives. Through personal stories, VICE paints a picture of the vibrant hardcore and gabber culture.


One of the gabbers, GabbaHontaz, came into contact with the hardcore scene during her high school days. Several years on, GabbaHontaz, aka Anna, is a photographer, musician and a gabber purist at heart.


Venus has been going through life as gabber EarlyVenus for a few years now. In addition to being a full-time gabber, she is a part-time teaching assistant. During her work and daily life she is mostly concerned with the people around her, but at the gabber community she has found a place where she can really be herself. Here she can let go of all her worries. And let’s face it, everyone is looking for a place where they can really be themselves. In the docu, Venus also takes on the exciting task of organizing her first illegal rave. Yet that doesn’t go as planned.

DJ Dissoactive

John is seriously ill, but still enjoys hardcore music and everything around it. His big wish is to go to Ground Zero with his sons (Youri and his brother) and meet his hero Dr. Peacock

The New Gabber can be seen on and YouTube.

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