Q-dance presents: X-Qlusive Rebelion

Speculations have been circulating for a while, but today Q-dance confirmed: the Scottish boys of Rebelion are getting their own X-Qlusive in AFAS live.

Earlier this year, the gentlemen already launched a new label, but for Gary and Raymond, that wasn’t all. Because another milestone in their career has just been reached: they are getting their own X-Qlusive! ‘On January 28th 2023, the AFAS Live will be the start of an earthquake that echoes far through the grounds of Amsterdam. The X-Qlusive saga continues by honoring a duo that has built an empire since 2014, destroying every stage they set foot on’.

It’s time step into the overdose with us and prepare for the biggest Rebelion night you’ve ever witnessed, along with its collaborating artists.


DEDIQATED Ticket Sale: November 10th – 13:00 CET

Regular Ticket sale: November 12th – 13:00 CET


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