REBiRTH Festival has always been the first official harder styles festival of the season but this year is extra special, the organization says. “After being away for so long, we can finally go crazy again this year, which is something we’ve all been looking forward to”. We spoke with the organization about the first edition, and you can read how to win two-weekend tickets.

So, we sat down with REBiRTH Festival about this first edition after three years, and we can say for sure that you can expect the ultimate weekend experience. “Great stages, unique battles, new live acts, and an unprecedented atmosphere. What more could you ask for?” Rebirth says. Curious about what to expect of the ultimate kick-off of the festival season furthermore? You will be amazed.

Why should every hardstyle fan absolutely visit the first festival of the season?

Why not?! After sitting still for so long, we all can’t wait for another smashing festival season. And there is no better way to do this than at the official kick-off of the festival season at REBiRTH Festival. At REBiRTH Festival all your favorite artists come together, so you definitely don’t want to miss that!

“We have quite a few new live acts that have not been seen in the Netherlands before

The line-up is huge. How did it feel to compose something with so many names?

It is always a lot of work to create a line-up, luckily we have a lot of nice spots to fill. We are very proud of our line-up, and even prouder of the fact how it was received by our fans. The ultimate icing on the cake! We have quite a few new live acts that have not been seen in the Netherlands before, another reason why you should not miss REBiRTH Festival.

This year you’re adding another area to REBiRTH Festival. Can you tell us more about the brand new release area?

This area is dedicated to the rising stars of the scene. We noticed that there is a lot of talent in our scene, but that it is often difficult for them to get a good spot at an event. That’s why we decided to start an area dedicated to them. 


This year you guys hosted a DJ contest together with How do you feel about the many talents that submitted their own track and mixtape for the DJ?

We were flabbergasted by the high number of entries, so to listen to all the sets and see what everyone made of them was great fun. We loved to see that there is so much talent in our scene. That means a lot for the future.

What made you take the step to give upcoming talents the opportunity to enter the stages? 

At REBiRTH Festival, we attach great importance to discovering new talent. To give new talent a chance, we offered them the opportunity to participate in the Road To The REBiRTH Mainstage. With this contest, we offered new talent the ultimate 360 degree experience, where they had a chance to win a (mainstage) spot at REBiRTH Festival, a release on Scantraxx, a year of free downloads on and a weekend REBiRTH Festival including our Residence Camping. Who wouldn’t want that? We also have 5 spots at our new area ‘RELEASE’ available for this contest. The winners are now known, so be sure to check our social media to see which acts are the lucky ones! 

FUN FACT: Resolute actually won the contest and is going to perform on the REBiRTH mainstage, congratulations on that!

And how does it feel to support this as an organization?

We are very proud of this! We are very pleased that we have been able to find cooperation with these parties. We are therefore convinced that this is a very good kick-start to someone’s career! It was a bit of a pity we couldn’t give more talents a spot!  

On Sunday Rebelion will host their own stage and even present their brand new album, can you tell us more about this?

These gentlemen have become an integral part of our scene, so we are more than proud of the fact that they will be hosting our Sunday mainstage. During this day they will perform an Overdose set and a b2b with Sub Zero Project, but to top it all off they will also do an exclusive album set. What you can expect exactly is still a secret, but expect the unexpected…..

“We find it important to listen to our visitor’s wishes and needs in order to further optimize our event”

Besides the release area REBiRTH Festival also gets a new uptempo area, what can we expect of this?

Every year after REBiRTH Festival, we conduct a survey among our visitors. We find it important to listen to their wishes and needs in order to further optimize our event. We noticed that the demand for an uptempo area was increasing enormously, so we went to work on this and the result was RESiST! Aggressive bass drums and high-speed kickrolls are what’s waiting for you in this brand new area! 

How can we get the ultimate experience?

Joining the REBiRTH Residence Camping is the best way to experience the weekend! At the campsite, the party goes on until the early hours after the festival. Those who were at the last edition know how great the atmosphere was in the silent disco area. Don’t miss it! Besides these pre- and afterparties, we will of course provide plenty of entertainment. Keep an eye on our socials for the full camping program. Visitors who prefer to enjoy a little more luxury have also been thought of! We have several accommodations on our site so you don’t have to carry your own tent.

How do you feel about finally uniting again with the public of REBiRTH Festival?

The thought of this reunion alone is already magical, let alone when it actually happens. We really can’t wait to see all the soulful happy faces again.

And what are you most looking forward to?

This is an impossible question! Our campsite has expanded considerably, so it is great to be the first to welcome these dedicated guests on Friday, and we are of course also very curious about our two new areas, the hosting of Rebelion on Sunday, and so much more. Actually it is too much to mention, and way too hard to choose. 

You have no reason to not attend REBiRTH Festival! Tickets for the REBiRTH Residence Camping are already sold out. Weekend tickets and tickets for Saturday are sold out for 95%, so make sure you don’t wait too long. The expectation is that these will also go very quickly! 



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