With an almost 20-year long history, Scantraxx is one of the leading labels in Hardstyle. Several sub-labels offer the right fit for a wide array of artists. The label is now taking the next step with Scantraxx Silver and Carbon. Continuing with a strong group while putting full focus on the artists, their wishes, and goals, we can expect great things.

Scantraxx Silver and Scantraxx Carbon are labels for artists that already have a name in the scene. These labels are the stepping stone to an artist’s future and bring them one step closer to Scantraxx’ main label. In the past, there were a lot of guest releases on Silver and Carbon and it wasn’t clear who represented the labels, but that changes now! On the Euphoric side, Bright Visions, Eternate, Phyric, Retrospect, and Scabtik will represent Scantraxx Silver and Dvastate, Level One, Nightcraft, REVIVE, and Rogue Zero will represent the Raw side on Scantraxx Carbon. Some names are familiar to Scantraxx and some are new and exactly with this mix, exciting new concepts can be created.

“Scantraxx is ready to dive into a new chapter with Scantraxx Silver and Carbon, focusing on the exclusive collaboration between the artist and the label.”

The artists are beyond excited to kick things off as a team. “I worked very hard to show people I’m worthy to be part of Scantraxx and I feel very proud representing this huge icon of the Hardstyle scene.” Scabtik said. “It’s a new chapter in my career where we’re going to push boundaries. The last two years I had the chance to focus on new music and develop my sound/skills. Now we have the opportunity to move forward together!”, Level One added.


By moving forward as a team, Scantraxx wants to establish a strong bond between the artists, giving them a platform to support and complement each other.

Continuous conversations with the artists will take place, where the needs of every individual will be discussed, as well as areas the artist wants to grow and develop in. According to that, an annual game plan will be created with clear targets and how to achieve them. The goals are focused on the artist’s online and offline presence, aiming to grow the individual brands and to improve production skills. Especially on the production side, Scantraxx offers an exclusive A&R process together with Dion Mons (Devin Wild) and Thomas Duddridge to reach that next level of Hardstyle.


The artists make it clear: it’s all about the music. “A lot of new music! I’ve got a lot of new stuff I’m working on, a couple of cool collaborations are in the works as well. Hopefully, the covid measures won’t take too long, because I can’t wait to bring those new tracks and my energy to the stage.“, Dvstate said loud & proud. Bright Visions is also ready to move up to the next level: “(You can expect) A lot of music, a more developed and improved style. Hopefully some dope collabs as well.” Retrospect said that he will basically reinvent himself: “Expect Retrospect 2.0. I redefined my style, bigger and better. I already got 3 tracks done in this style, the first one will drop on Nov 28!”

When it comes to collabs, the guys dream big, just how it should be. “If it’s about artists from other genres, then I think about Porter Robinson or Illenium. Their music really touches me and I think this combination could be really intense.” I couldn’t agree more with Eternate, collabs like this would be dope! Phyric would like to collab with colleagues from the genre: “Radical Redemption, DBSTF, and B-Front. These guys are absolutely amazing! If that will happen one day it will be a dream.”

“We’re offering a wide array of content in the form of interviews, exclusive behind-the-scenes looks, Q&As, and much, much more.

Even though lockdown number 9253 just started, the boys won’t sit still and see this as an opportunity to get even better: “Well to be quite honest with you… I was preparing a lot for 2020. My agenda was filled with festivals. But then the whole situation kicked in… Performing-wise, I am preparing something quite unique. But you will hear something soon enough.”, Rogue Zero said.

Looking at the upcoming years, REVIVE has precise goals: “Altough I’m biased as fck and will probably overestimate the opportunity, I’m here to stay and go for those main stages and dream collabs. Maybe even sooner than you think...” Nightcraft wants to take over the world and keep releasing as much high-quality music as possible: “I think my music is accessible to any kind of audience, so I see myself playing around the whole globe. In 5 years’ time, I hope to have a big music catalog for fans to enjoy. My main goal will always remain the same release a lot of music and help the scene grow.

I can’t wait to see where this bunch of super talented producers have in store for us but I’m sure it’s gonna be amazing! The only way is up 🚀

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