After one and a half years of no hardstyle events, B2S has high hopes and thinks that the end of the COVID-19 situation is near. If the vaccination program runs according to plan, will Decibel Outdoor be the first big hardstyle event to welcome its fans again. This would be fantastic, wouldn’t it? Finally, the sound of the thickest beats through the speakers again and three days of partying in the ‘Loudest City’ on earth.

Being allowed to enter a festival site again, is something we all dream about. If we can believe the government’s vaccination program, we’re hopeful that Decibel Outdoor can open its doors at the end of August. The organization itself is positive and has started preparing for the festival for the end of August: “With the next step of the government’s reopening plan in motion, we’re moving forward to welcome you in August”.

What if there would be only one harder styles weekend festival in 2021. Can you imagine? The summer is looking brighter and we are confident to open the gates of the Loudest City on Earth again in August 2021

In the current government plans August is aimed to be the light at the end of this long tunnel for the Netherlands, releasing all restrictions. After this news we started our preparations in full swing. So raise your head and believing: this might be the first and only chance to a full harder styles experience this summer. Let’s set the tone and LIVE LOUD!

– B2S


What if Decibel Outdoor is really going to happen? What if we get to leave COVID-19 behind us at the end of August? That would be truly amazing. There are still tickets on sale, day tickets but also weekend tickets. Make sure you get your ticket while you still can.

Decibel Outdoor 2021 Tickets Lineup | 20 - 22 August | Hilvarenbeek, NL

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