True Identity announces new label and expands with additional artists

True Identity is taking the next step and is beginning to grow even bigger. After signing a few established names like Clockartz, Crystal Lake, and Dr. Rude (international), a significant number of talents have joined the ranks – and even a brand-new label called True Identity Music.

True Identity Agency started its journey earlier this year, emerging as a booking agency for artists hailing from diverse corners of the world, spanning various musical genres. From euphoric hardstyle to uptempo hardcore, their roster has swelled with the addition of many gifted DJs, all united by their mission to propel their artistic careers forward.

The True Identity agency roster so far

Clockartz, Crystal Lake, Dr. Rude, Envine,
Art Frequency, Break of Dawn, Eternate, EQUAL2, Mark Eva, MC Omen, Posyden, REKALL,
Rude Convict, and The Teacher

Envine responsible for the first True Identity release

Today, A&R manager Envine kicked off the label with its very first release. “I hope you enjoy the melodic power of my new track, ‘Silence’!” Moreover, True Identity Music has joined forces with the renowned YouTube channel HardstyleUp2Datez to premiere all forthcoming tracks there. Stay tuned for upcoming releases, including ‘Breathe Out’ by Break of Dawn, and many more.

Introducing the True Identity Publishing Fund

In a thrilling development, True Identity has teamed up with Cloud 9 Music to establish the True Identity Publishing Fund. This strategic partnership aims to further cement True Identity’s position as a 360º force in the music industry, offering extensive support to artists while respecting their creative freedom

True Identity places a strong emphasis on swift and transparent communication, clear and concise riders, and a penchant for brainstorming during concept development. Their goal is to provide a seamless experience for all stakeholders involved.

For additional information, future plans, demo submissions, and to delve deeper into True Identity Music, please visit their official website. Stay connected by following True Identity on Instagram.

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