At 50,000 infections a day, the UK currently has one of the highest rates of new infections in the world. Yet Prime Minister Boris Johnson chooses to take the COVID-19 restrictions off the table. This means good news for all event organizers, nightclubs, and of course party-lovers! In England, it is time for step 4 of the opening plan: ‘Freedom Day’.

According to the British government, all adults have now had the opportunity to be vaccinated against the virus, and two-thirds of them are fully vaccinated. Therefore, the state is stepping back, relying on the “personal responsibility” of Britons themselves. Johnson’s tone around Britain’s ‘Freedom Day’ has become increasingly less upbeat in recent weeks, though. The new freedoms come with a warning: stay careful.

So, ‘Freedom Day’. But, what exactly does that mean? Back to the old normal: the mouth mask requirement and distance rule are dropped. Nightclubs and event venues may once again use their maximum capacity. No entry test or vaccination certificate is required.

“If we don’t go off the grid now, when will we?”, Johnson wondered aloud as he announced the relaxations. Delaying ‘Freedom Day’ for a month or two would not help, according to scientific forecasts. The number of infections is not expected to drop in the near future, and fall or winter are even less suitable for the easing because the virus spreads even faster indoors. In the summer, social life largely takes place outside, Johnson says.

Covid rules ease in England as nightclubs reopen and bar service resumes – BBC News

I hope this works out well for the British, if so it would be a great example for the rest of Europe and maybe the rest of the world. What do you think about this big step that England is taking, should we all follow? Let me know through the socials of

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